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Melbourne’s Ellen Bryant captures the essence of love on her new single ‘Unravel’

Sensational Soul and R&B inspired musician Ellen Bryant has released her new single ‘Unravel’, her first track of the year. The Melbourne artist has not released any music since her blissful track ‘Frequency / Doin’ Just Fine’ in 2019. We are genuinely so excited to see Ellen release more music since stumbling upon her artistry earlier on in the year. The multi-faceted musician presents a soundscape that we have been yearning for in the Australian music scene, a perfect amalgamation of Soul and R&B influences that sees the listener absorbing a calming and heartwarming energy. ‘Unravel’ is a song about intimacy that captures the beautiful nature of connecting with someone’s heart, soul and physical being.

Ellen Bryant has returned with a phenomenal single where she showcases her artistry through her soothing vocals, polished melodies and transcendent harmonies. ‘Unravel’ captures the essence of love and the factors that indicate whether a deep and meaningful connection has been made. Ellen beautifully illustrates the incomparable feeling of creating these connections with a significant other and the listener is immediately drawn to this and compares it to their own past or current experiences. It’s important to note that love can come in many shapes and forms, however it is ultimately facilitated by ensuring that your energies match through heart, soul and physical connection. Throughout this song, Ellen uses a range of expert song-writing techniques to convey her message to the listener such as repetition, calculated pauses and versatility through flow changes.

The Melbourne artist mentions looking at her significant other through a third eye and this refers to intuition and following what your gut tells you: “When I look into your eyes, I want to see my reflection, When I look into your eyes, I want to see your affection”. The intricate nature of this song actually allows the Melbourne artist to delve into many aspects of love and one of them is fear. Towards the end of the song, she focuses on her harmonies and slows down her vocals to showcase the fear of losing that person that you have grown so close to: “Don’t find anyone else, I don’t want anyone else.” The mellow production from K-Notes creates a refined ambience for Ellen to lay down her sophisticated vocals. Overall, this is a song you need for those Sunday blues or on a Friday night by the fire accompanied by a glass of wine.

Produced by K-Notes

Photos by Jess Brohier (@jessbrohier) and styled by Em Stanley (@em_stanley_)

Written by Maroun Ghossain

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