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Melbourne’s A. Jace exudes impressive ‘Confidence’ on latest single

Taking us through his musical evolution and inviting us to join him on his road to success, Melbourne rapper A. Jace opens up about his determination to make his dreams a reality on his latest track ‘Confidence’. Having released his debut EP ‘Illusion’ just 14 days prior to dropping ‘Confidence’, A. Jace is one who is undeniably sure to creep up on your radar sooner rather than later.

On ‘Confidence’, A. Jace proves himself to be a natural lyricist by strategically using incisive punchlines and ironic wordplay to immediately gauge listeners on the track. Delving into his past tribulations and future manifestations, the rapper doesn’t care about fame or who praises his music, he just simply wants to achieve every goal he puts his mind to. The rapper reveals that his dreams were sparked in 2009 when he was just 11 years old, through the influence of hip-hop legends like Wu-Tang Clan who subconsciously implanted his effortless lyrical creativity.

“I meditated, stopped medicating then elevated my consciousness, I generated a dedication now I'm hitting places, every continent.”

Whilst the song patently revolves around establishing his confidence as an artist, A. Jace digs beyond surface level and opens up about his rooting drive and focus for success, exploring the struggle of his migrant parents and the genuine fear of not living up to his parents' sacrifice, which is a universal motivation that I see in myself and many of the coming generation and is why we simply ‘can't afford to be lazy’.

Produced by DillyGotItBumpin, 'Confidence’ immediately hooks the ears in, with accelerated vocal loops that are currently trending and becoming a common tool used to add depth and engagement into hip-hop instrumentals. Releasing beats since 2015, Dilly’s expertise lies within hip-hop and neo-soul type beats which makes a seamless pairing with A.Jace’s vocals. And by judiciously choosing the victorious beat to match his drive for success expressed throughout the song, the result is flawless. The abrupt ending of A. Jace’s vocals on ‘Confidence’ left me speechless and constantly reminiscing on his empowering lyrics as the fade out of the instrumental allows listeners to take a couple breaths to absorb all of A. Jace’s rapid-fire bars before they load it up again.

The entire track serves as a reminder for listeners and A. Jace himself to build-up a level of confidence within your work in order to establish and accomplish your goals and dreams. A. Jace’s Instargam biography says it best, ‘I hope you have a mattress for when you sleep on me’.

Produced by DillyGotItBumpin

Words by Violet Murphy

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