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Melbourne artist HVSH announces his return with exciting new single ‘Amends’

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Following his debut track ‘About You’ in 2019, Melbourne’s HVSH has released the sensual and sophisticated ‘Amends’, a song which embodies feelings of growth, comfort and rectifying what was once lost. HVSH perfectly blends that R&B X Neo-Soul vibe to create an aura that is extremely contagious. After a long hiatus from making music, it is good to have HVSH bless us with this new single! Sometimes that time to grow and evolve was what you needed to rectify what was once lost.

Melbourne-based artist HVSH has dropped his first single in almost two years entitled ‘Amends’. From the outset, HVSH’s immense vocal capabilities standout, and in particular the variation in his vocal range is spectacular. Not only does it add emphasis to his evocative storytelling, it allows us to ride every high and low with him on this journey whilst allowing the song to flow seamlessly. Lyrics such as: “I know I’m not often around and I get you mad somehow” speak to urging a special someone to forego the errant mistakes of the past and to focus on the present.

‘Amends’ is seemingly representative of a toxic and almost nonchalant relationship where confusion and denial meet false love and fake ideologies. The song acts like a wakeup call for others who may be in a similar predicament. Furthermore, the R&B feel created from the introduction of the song –the silky play of the acoustic guitar alongside some funky synths – establishes that contagious aura that will have you coming back for multiple listens. We cannot wait to see more from HVSH.

Photos by @visionbyalain

Producer - @Kevinekofo

Mix/Master by @IconicBeats

Words by Joachim Subramaniam

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