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Melbourne artist Fedi showcases immense versatility on ‘Run It Back’

Having released a stack of singles in 2021 to usher in a new era, Fedi has entered 2022 with his heart on his sleeve and his pen game linked inspiringly with his own depth of wisdom and sophistication as an artist through the release of his debut full-length project. The project, entitled ‘Just Until We Crash And Burn’, comprises a multitude of tracks and sounds which range from the pop-punk lovelorn aesthetic of ‘Our All’, to the rap bravado of ‘OK?’. However, whilst Fedi shines throughout the 10 tracks of ‘Just Until We Crash And Burn’, it is on the thoughtful and wholly unexpected ‘Run It Back’ where he demonstrates the sheer extent of his talent and versatility.

‘Run It Back’ sees Fedi recollecting the pain and heartbreak facilitated by the coming apart of a significant relationship. Throughout Fedi’s recently released project he displays a fearlessness in approaching genres with a disregard for audience expectations or preconceptions. Inherently, this project is Fedi at his most authentic and in-tune with the range of influences that characterise his work. ‘Run It Back’ allows Fedi to explore the feeling of wanting to reassemble what has since come apart through the yearning and earnestness conveyed in his lyrics. Fedi is vulnerable on this song, allowing the listener into his world to potentially relate to not just the confusion and wounds he was left with, but to those nostalgic, special times we’ve all experienced with that significant other we cherish, “I just want a rewind, for a little you and me time”.

Pertinently however, rather than lingering on the impact that this has had on him, Fedi illustrates the duality of the relationship and his own fault in letting this person go, achingly expressing: “Loving me takes its toll”. Fedi’s vocals are a standout across this song, and thrive against a backdrop of slowed R&B chords and drums. Ryan Reents’ production and guitar playing is subtle, but essential to allowing Fedi to weave the emotional turmoil he underwent into a track. Reents allows Fedi’s sombre and calming voice to take centre stage, giving the Melbourne artist a platform to express the degree of hurt this heartbreak put him through. Collectively, the track stands out as Fedi lets his guard down to speak on the fragments of his life he is still attempting to not necessarily reconnect with, but to move past. And love is truly one of those feelings that forever leaves us experiencing the farthest of emotional extremes.

Words by Matthew Badrov

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