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Melbourne artist AVA debuts with self-empowerment anthem 'Business Man'

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Breaking through Melbourne’s music scene with her debut single ‘Business Man’, AVA fiercely encapsulates the true essence of femininity. The Neo Soul and R&B track interweaves angelic vocals with profound lyricism while she exposes toxic gender norms still present in today's society. Paired with an alluring music video, AVA has easily established her sound in the industry that resembles international chart toppers like Nao and Snoh Aalegra.

AVA has wholly immersed her experiences into the lyrics and the music video to convey what it means to be a ‘Business Man’. She expresses that in relationships, women are objectified by men who believe they’re entitled to them. She alludes that sometimes, a female’s thoughts and opinions aren’t valid and are treated more like business deals rather than equals.

“Can’t replace communication with negotiation.”

The music video directed by Johnny Yayo, shows an empowered all-female office and unveils how misogyny is still present in the workforce. AVA’s vulnerability assures that the audience is able to better connect with the track’s universal message. For those who haven’t experienced systemic sexism corporately or romantically, AVA’s emotions are expressed so transparently that it allows for the listener to intimately feel her spiritual journey towards discovering self-worth. Her wide vocal range is incredibly soulful, ensuring that her divine female confidence is elevated in this song.

The suave, Neo Soul instrumental accompanied by AVA’s angelic voice creates a light-hearted ambiance, and Julian Steel and Aldwin Cajili’s production is expertly-crafted and layered. The track begins with a 1982 remastered sample of American singer Eartha Kitt stating:

“What’s compromise…a man comes into my life and I have to compromise?”

The sample leads the song perfectly, resembling power and feminism of which both cultural icons represent. The added bass guitar riffs throughout the chorus create a Jazzy feel, enhancing AVA’s unique spin on modern soul and R&B. AVA has pulled through with 2022’s spiritual girl summer anthem and the first step to reclaiming your self-empowerment. Checkout the song on all platforms now!

Photo 2 - Brianna Da Silva (@bbds_)

Words by Violet Murphy

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