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Mason Dane keeps foot on the pedal and shows no signs of slowing down with new single ‘Stay Down’

Newcastle’s own multifaceted artist and producer Mason Dane has released his new single ‘Stay Down’, a summer anthem dedicated to winning and staying on your grind. The young artist has had a hectic year of releases, each of which have been expertly crafted to further establish his unique and refreshing sound within the Australian scene. Mason has worked with some of the biggest names in the country and has earned significant local and global recognition for the way his sound stands out in the scene. The young artist has genuinely cultivated a trap sound that we have not yet heard within Australia, one that carries with it influence from artists in the US and the UK whilst still remaining authentic to himself. Watching his journey over the last 18 months has highlighted the immense work ethic, drive and versatility behind his work, making him one to watch as the scene grows and gains exponential traction. From his Tik Tok series; to featuring on many projects in 2021; to releasing many singles of his own, Mason Dane is certainly one to keep an eye on as he rises through the ranks.

On a recent drive to a rehearsal session with local DJ, Habz, he asked me if I knew of Mason Dane, to which my answer was obviously “yes”. He relayed his love for Mason’s latest single released the day before entitled ‘Stay Down’, which he proceeded to blast on our drive through Bankstown. Listening to the track for the first time on our drive to Marrickville in his 4WD with the windows down allowed for a distinctly special listening experience. I was immediately drawn to Mason’s flow and tenacity on the track. From the first listen I was honing in on his bars and the depth he displayed whilst he maintained a very catchy and melodic stance. His song writing skills especially stood out to me on this track, and the clever punchlines he utilised helped me stay on top of the bars he was formulating.

Mason showcases all of his skills on ‘Stay Down’, creating a catchy hook for the listener to enjoy, whilst switching and chopping up his flow within verses to highlight his song writing abilities and to further emphasise his sound throughout the track. This track is an anthem, an anthem dedicated to winning and staying on your grind. Through his wordplay, Mason speaks to the many times where people have tried to bring him down but his resilience has kept him afloat. Throughout that first listen, I was using the lyrics to reflect on my personal experiences and to envision my future. Frequent collaborator Liam Thomas absolutely kills it on production, with the chopped-up samples and upbeat production symbolising his strength as a producer, specifically with the trap sound. The thumping drums also allow for an epic listen, especially in the car with the bass thumping through the speakers.

Production by Liam Thomas

Photos by Josh Beckett (@beckitttt)

Cover art by @bygrxnd

Words by Maroun Ghossain

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