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Magajie leaves the negativity behind on double release ‘Detached’ & 'Feeling Like’

Sierra Leone born, Adelaide based artist and creative Magajie has returned with the double release of two singles entitled ‘Detached’ and ‘Feeling Like’. Thematically and sonically apart but intrinsically linked through Magajie’s effortless versatility and natural talent, the double release signals Magajie’s intent to continue to push boundaries in a scene craving multifaceted artists capable of pushing Australia to the next level. The rap-centric ‘Detached’ gives Magajie the opportunity to get his innermost thoughts out to the world, whilst ‘Feeling Like’ switches up the mood to allow for Magajie and producer, engineer and artist Dj Delikate to elevate the vibes and take the listener to the top of the world.

The first of Magajie’s pair of releases, ‘Detached’, sees the Adeliade artist realigning his ambitions towards his true loves and passions rather than the ‘rap life’. Immediately the single has you bopping along to the dynamic instrumental which perfectly accentuates the energy Magajie is relaying to the listener. It’s in his lyrics where Magajie fittingly breaks down where his head has been at over the past few months, admitting to feeling disconnected from the rap career he’s built for himself and wanting to transition towards what ultimately fulfils him as a human being, “I’ve been spending my time on some grown shit”. Moreover, Magajie is determined to leave behind the mindset that kept him constantly pushed to the sideline by those who had ill intentions for him, stating: “Remember days I was stuck in the back seat, guy change up and down like a heartbeat, I don’t wanna go back to that bullshit”.

By contrast, Magajie’s second single ‘Feeling Like’ features fellow Adelaide artist (and also producer, engineer and DJ) Dj Delikate and embraces the feeling of getting back to doing what you love after being held down by yourself and others for so long. Emotionally, ‘Feeling Like’ is a well-suited accompaniment to ‘Detached’ because it sees Magajie pursuing the life he wants to lead in spite of the pain he is still overcoming in his heart. The track’s vibrant trap energy lays a platform for Magajie and Dj Delikate to simply strut their lively flows and craft a banger of a release. In addition, the beat and vocal production on Magajie and Dj Delikate’s delivery amplifies the listener’s enjoyment as we’re able to appreciate the carefree feel of the song alongside the artists. No doubt Magajie is building to something special in 2022, we’re just excited to see where he takes us on his musical journey.

Photos by @jefferson.ofesi

Words by Matthew Badrov

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