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Lukey undergoes spiritual awakening on ‘ANGELNUMBERS’

Melbourne producer and rapper Lukey, has released his fifth project of 2021 entitled ‘WATERCOLOURS & WHITE WINE’. Released alongside 12 other tunes, Lukey kick starts the album with the electric and captivating ‘ANGELNUMBERS’. The multi-talented Melbournian has filled the album with both raw production and pure slices of rap dedicated to empowering the listener. And on ‘ANGELNUMBERS’, Lukey expresses that affirming your self-worth is vital in order to cement who you are.

Lukey’s flow is impeccable, which is consistent across all tracks of the album. His voice perfectly fits into ‘ANGELNUMBERS’ production, bringing the same ecstatic energy as the beat. The track establishes Lukey as a creator, and clearly affirms that he is one leader you do not want to mess with. Aspects of spirituality are interwoven throughout the album, referring to his horoscope specifically on ‘ANGELNUMBERS’;

"I ain’t no killer, nonsense test my patience, my inner Aries won’t leave you no damn option.”

Aries are commonly known for their impatience and intolerance towards bullshit, however, they are also extremely ambitious and tend to have a very assertive personality. Lukey’s hustle this year proves just that, releasing 5 projects in 2021 alone.

The track’s production is exceptionally deep, beginning with a sample from Derek Prince’s ‘How to apply blood’ speech. Whilst serving in World War II, Prince studied the Bible and had a life-changing spiritual awakening. Similar to what ‘ANGELNUMBERS’ explores,

Prince explains in detail through scripture the importance of acknowledging a higher power outside of your control.

The album is filled with differentiating tracks like ‘LALA’, which is reminiscent of a tropical 70’s getaway, and ‘CALIGARI’ which concludes the album in an ambitious fashion as Lukey spits over heavy production and a reflective xylophone lullaby. The various sounds help to elicit a unique listening experience on the album, whilst cohesively reaffirming Lukey’s impressive growth across the past year.

Last photo by @momentsbysteven

Words by Violet Murphy

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