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Liyah Knight – Nesting EP (REVIEW)

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Initial Thoughts

Last Friday, Sydney soul and R&B artist Liyah Knight blessed us with the release of her debut EP, ‘Nesting’. Having released three singles throughout 2020 in the build-up to this EP being dropped, Liyah was already beginning to turn heads with her exceptional voice and raw honesty. In these three songs alone (half of a 6-track EP) we learnt about an artist and human being with the capacity to express emotion seemingly like no other.

Liyah Knight often crusades in to the unfamiliar, and from what we’ve seen prior to the release of ‘Nesting’, she always comes back with gold. From going to see Liyah live at Mary’s Underground in Sydney last Thursday, we were able to view her in full force as she put on a magnetic performance which had everyone in the audience enamoured from start to finish.

Song Breakdown


‘Better Unsaid’ kicks off the EP with aplomb, setting the tone for what is an insight in to the mind of one of the best soul and R&B artists to be coming up through the scene. The way this track crescendos so fittingly in to an emphatic finale has me coming back time and time again. ‘Better Unsaid’ is well and truly still as good the 50th time as it is the first time.


I love the low-fi inspired production on this song and believe Liyah's voice fits so well over the beat. Liyah's story telling approach on this song is engaging, ensuring the listener gives their undivided attention to the lyrics in order to uncover the next piece of what is an emotional narrative. This song gives me great 'slow dance' vibes and I'm all for it. Hold them tight, look into their eyes and vibe.


This was Liyah's first released single of the EP and the song that captured our attention. Production-wise, ‘Mine’ has a standout electric guitar instrumental that provides a soothing platform for Liyah to showcase her unique and illuminating voice to the listener. Her transcendent soulful singing stands out immediately and allows the listener to immerse themselves wholeheartedly in the experience.


This is incredible. The song begins with a slow-paced instrumental where Liyah displays the power of vocal stretching. This part of the song is enchanting and leads to something even greater. The song then transitions in to a faster-paced dramatic production as Liyah sings about a special person in her life. The song focuses on the fact that we need to be giving our energy to those who deserve it and those that will embrace it. Don't waste your energy if the love isn’t reciprocated. Liyah has created an absolute gem here, bravo.


‘Yikes’ hooks you in immediately due to some sumptuously placed piano keys; a fantastic backdrop to allow for Liyah to express that “You ain’t got to be the one I run to baby, you just got to be the one that runs beside me”. As the track builds, Liyah delivers an unexpected rap flow full of attitude and heartache; making it clear she isn’t putting up with any shit. Yikes indeed.


The way Liyah Knight concludes this EP is masterful. Echoey ephemeral vocals and delicate guitar strings afford Liyah the space to ponder a love which she can’t seem to find in anyone but ‘You’. This is a sombre track which seeks to paint a picture of a loved one who is irreplaceable, in spite of the pain that may come with them.

Final Thoughts

What a phenomenal debut for the Australian soul artist. This project displays a multitude of emotions; undertaking themes of love, heartache and nostalgia. Liyah brings a unique sound to the Australian scene and illustrates her talents on her debut project unbelievably, giving the listener a taste of what’s to come in the future. Her ability to stretch her vocals and elevate the pitch in her voice creates a second to none listening experience.

Liyah Knight’s EP is therapeutic, not only for the listener, but for the artist herself. Liyah utilises her art as an avenue towards self-healing; giving her innermost feelings the platform to be heard and most importantly, to be understood. Liyah’s struggles personally and with her relationships offer the listener a chance to be heard, as Liyah’s words feel all too familiar for those who have experienced immense debilitating struggles emotionally.

WAEVZ Favorites:

- Energy

- Tipsy

- Yikes

- Better Unsaid

Originally published December 1st, 2020.

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