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Lithe continues impressive run of releases with ‘Got Away With This’

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Melbourne’s Dark R&B sensation Lithe has released his 4th single of the year entitled ‘Got Away With This’. The new track highlights the gloomy emotions associated with separation and heartbreak. Through this release, Lithe has further cemented his place within a unique, pioneering sound in the Australian scene, having showcased a plethora of slow-paced melancholic tracks that fit exceptionally well within the Dark R&B sub-genre.

The young artist undeniably has the space to lead the way in a sound that is still arguably in its infancy world-wide and within Australia, meaning he can play an instrumental role in shaping how this sound flourishes within the next few years. Receiving love from fellow Dark R&B legends like Pre Kairo illustrates the potential for Lithe’s music to reach a multitude of listeners locally and globally.

‘Got Away With This’ explores the presence of resentment and pain throughout a tough separation. This is immediately evident through the weight of the heartache found in the line: “Pain over love, gotta paint over us”, lyrics that reflect Lithe’s desire to feel the struggles of pain over the struggles of love that has been facilitated by this experience. There are a few unexpected yet impressive utilisations of wordplay throughout the song, like Lithe comparing the ability to pass these heartbreak feelings to Tom Brady’s passing abilities in the NFL. There is a perfect balance between melodies, pitch changes and vocal stretching throughout this track to help mend any heartbreak you have experienced. Or at minimum, it will at least capture how you’re feeling intimately.

Lithe’s music embodies a unique quality in that his sound is a challenge to compare to. The slowed and reverbed backing vocals are the standout of the track for me. Lithe effectively uses this to emphasise certain melodies throughout the track and to add to the overall melancholic tempo that dominates the song. Self-references pop up in the form of Lithe’s use of the repeated “I Need” adlib that he samples from his own 2021 single ‘I need’. This addition hit me with some familiarity and unexpected nostalgia that had me singing along from the first listen. I believe this technique, whether planned or not, will have me revisiting this track often.

Production - Lithe

Photos - Unknown

Words by Maroun Ghossain

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