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lil Tr33zy is raw & heartfelt on new single ‘Let Me Down’

Sydney-based artist lil Tr33zy has continued her strong year with another fantastic song entitled ‘Let Me Down’. The track is centred around themes of betrayal and facades as she comes to a realisation that the person she’s given everything to has little intention to provide the same effort back. When we value ourselves through the perspectives of others, we are doing ourselves a disservice.

From the outset we are greeted with eerie and subtle piano keys that establish a mood of pain and regret. These keys act as almost like a warning to the listener, letting them know that this is a song about truths and realisations for a relationship that was doomed before it even started. lil Tr33zy’s crisp and melodic vocals help to add a real depth to the song, acting as an authentic representation of herself as that shining light in this relationship where she was ultimately let down. The track acts a written reflection of Tr33zy’s own coming to terms with this one-sided relationship. Furthermore, what compliments the song is the catchy nature of the hook that has you singing along with the lyrics from the first listen, making for an emotional listening experience. Sid Mallick and DBSH’s production levels up the sophistication of this already-impressive track, as both producers amplify the heartache in Tr33zy’s vocals and delivery through the moody, depressive feel of the production.

lil Tr33zy’s ability to use well-crafted bars to evoke visual imagery through her lyrics is what makes this song so special. She is able to paint a vivid image in our minds as she documents her struggles with the betrayal of her partner, someone who wasn’t there and was ultimately unreliable. As such, we are able to visualise exactly what she is going through and feel the highs and lows of a relationship that we now see as being destined for dismay. An example of these evocative lyrics is seen through the bars: “My mumma warned me about you, she says that angels die too”, an apt Biblical reference to the fallen angel ‘Lucifer’. Here Tr33zy is likening this former special someone to Lucifer - someone who was once held in high regard, but ultimately showed his true colours in a manner akin to the central antagonist of ‘Let Me Down’. Tr33zy’s ability to manipulate her vocal range in line with the highs and lows of the production makes her delivery a standout as it signifies the unrelenting extremes being experienced across the timeline of the relationship. ‘Let Me Down’ was created to express lil Tr33zy’s frustrations from a past relationship, and therefore effectively acts as a tool for Tr33zy to reaffirm that she now knows the standard to which she deserves in a partner.

Production: DBSH - @dbshbeats and Sid Mallick

Mixed: Vivek Mistri - @mixedbymixtri

Mastered: Jamie Muscat - @chunkyluvstudios

Words by Joachim Subramaniam

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