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Lara Andallo show off her finesse with the release of her enticing new track 'Head To Toe'

Sydney artist Lara Andallo has reaffirmed her status within the Australian R&B scene through the release of her sensual and enticing new single ‘Head To Toe’. Having debuted ‘Head To Toe’ at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena during the recent NBL Grand Final, Lara has established herself as a immensely talented singer and dancer within the Australian scene. And on her latest release we see the up-and-comer combining these forces to craft a track that represents both sides so effortlessly.

On ‘Head To Toe’, Lara shows off her vocal mastery through her powerful and captivating tone, subtle vibrato, elegant runs, and smooth falsetto. Immediately one is captivated by her vocal prowess, which is memorably demonstrated in the second verse as the beat is stripped back to allow her pure vocals to thrive as she sings the line “you know the vibes”. Lara’s flow in the verses work synergistically with the bass to create a crazy groove that is infectious and leaves you bopping your head. The harmonies and ad libs complete the track with an implicit but ear-catching energy that keeps the listener engaged musically and rhythmically.

With her attitude and finesse showcased in abundance, Lara not only displays a captivating musical style, but also a clear love for matching visual and auditory mediums, as is evident in the track’s music video. In the opening scene, we see that finesse literally on a rotating pedestal letting her viewers know what is to come. A central element to the song is that Lara utilises contrast in her verses with verse one having a dominant nature in comparison to verse two where we see a more submissive tone in her lyrics. This is also explored in the music video in her dress style and visual scape, which translates the duality of her musical and personal style in the song. This song is not only a great example of Lara’s powerful voice but is a testament to her overall style and energy as an Australian artist actively pushing boundaries within the scene.

The production by Nikoss, Hugh Lake and Sid Swindail is incredible with the use of contrasting sounds, for example the light and delicate harp-like notes in the introduction which bring in the heavy sound of the bass that acts as the driving element in this track. A wonderful sonic accompaniment to the song was the incorporation of instrumental cut-outs for intricate parts like Lara’s vocal runs, an example is in the lyrics “you know the vibe, pretty bitch, face beat, yeah, I’m saucin”. What stands out the most is that last chorus where the beat drops and comes back in. This track will for sure be a song that will go off at her live shows and is one of the most melodically catchier songs she has released. Overall, the production has a sophisticated balance of drive, space and is a fundamentally excellent R&B track.

Lara is arguably her most honest self in this track, allowing for relatability as she presents two sides to herself and the dynamic of undergoing different moods in life. However, the aura and energy throughout the track is unchanged. Lara is at the forefront of the Australian R&B scene and we are certainly keen to see what she achieves throughout the rest of 2022 and beyond.

Photos by @bymelanieor & @itsnorahwells

Words by Byron Zeledon-Torres

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