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Lakshane wears his heart on his sleeve in latest single ‘Selfish’

Melbourne artist Lakshane has released his third single of 2021 titled ‘Selfish’. On this song, Lakshane explores the selfish acts of a significant other that drove him away from the relationship for good. The Melbourne artist has had an impressive run over the last two years, releasing a handful of songs that showcase just how much he has moulded his own sound among a fast-growing scene. This has allowed him to make music that is unique to him and this in turn has created a thoroughly diverse and enjoyable discography for listeners to come across. I believe there is a massive market both locally and globally for music like Lakshane’s that can capture the attention of listeners as the breaking down of trap and R&B becomes more and more prevalent. These sub-genres allow a lot of room for growth and present artists like Lakshane with significant opportunities to expand their audience.

Let me start by saying that the hook on ‘Selfish’ is one of the smoothest I have heard this year. The catchy flow and melodies immediately engage you and by the final hook of the song, you are instantly singing along. I was also drawn to the astonishing backing vocals that fill in the pauses in the track prominently. Alongside some of the humming and harmonies present throughout the track, I can confidently say that the track was constructed with care, not missing any of the fine details that makes a song extraordinary. The overarching message presented to the listener is one that is compelling and engaging. We naturally feel the need to hang on to loved ones and give them the benefit of the doubt regardless of the energies that they reciprocate.

Lakshane uses this opportunity to explain that it is also very important to move on and detach when you become the one suffering from the relationship. The importance of self-love and self-worth is a key takeaway from this track and Lakshane uses this narrative to send a message to the listener that they must too examine their relationships to understand whether the energies they are putting forward are being reciprocated by the other person. The futuristic production by Anexd lays the perfect groundwork for Lakshane to speak his mind. I specifically relished the dramatic and dark tempo which establishes the tone of the track we are listening to from the outset. Lakshane is one to watch in the R&B scene and he has the potential to pioneer the sound into a whole sub-genre of music within the Australian scene.

Production by Anexd

Last Photo by Ira C. (@ira.cee)

Words by Maroun Ghossain

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