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K Tha Sovereign drops his single ‘SLIDAA’ urging people to stay authentic

Last week, Perth-based artist K Tha Sovereign dropped his new melodic trap single ‘SLIDAA’. ‘SLIDAA’ is as euphonious as it is intense, as K raps effortlessly over the engaging beat resulting in a sonically sophisticated chemistry of sounds. “[The track] is about authenticity and standing by your actions fearlessly, no matter the outcome,” says K about the release.

The lyricism clearly reflects the intentions of the song as K raps, “I ain’t tell a lie with a single breath / I be making enemies I ain’t ever met”.

The Perth artist goes on to say one of the purposes of the track is to “…expand the expectations of what my sound can be and subvert any pre-conceived ideas about what my music had to be like. So, in saying that, this track is really important to me and I’m glad seeing how it’s been received. Expect the unexpected!”

K Tha Sovereign and his family fled a war-torn country when he was young and came to Australia in search of fresh opportunities. Through the trauma K endured in his younger years, he now understands and preaches the importance of authenticity and honesty. “Early parts of my life have taught me that things are too fickle to not be honest, not only with others but with yourself. Some of the quotes in the song aren’t necessarily positive revelations about myself, but are still true”. In Perth, K involved himself in the hip-hop and rap scene, with initial intentions to escape reality through making music. The art of music brought him comfort and solace, allowing him to begen to utilise this space as a creative outlet.

Curated by producer Kaydee, the track begins with a sombre piano melody in a minor key and ambient, almost eerie, synthesised vocal sounds that float around the piano component. Whispers of K Tha Sovereign’s voice echoes with the words ‘slida’ and ‘shooter’ within this introduction.

The track intensifies as K begins to sing, “Tell ‘em I’m a slida, shooter / I ain’t do no talking behind no computers”. The piano keys and uncanny modulation of the vocal adlibs continue, accompanying K’s chorus. When the chorus repeats, the snare drum and bass come in completing the upbeat trap sound of the track.

‘SLIDAA’ possesses a unique energy with its melodic genius and defiant lyrics. “‘SLIDAA’ is me taking a step back from my traditional methods of delivering an anthem, slowing it down and approaching it from a melodic angle,” says K Tha Sovereign. “I wanted to keep the aggressive intent firm in my lyrics, but have it juxtaposed with the smooth and harmonic tone in my vocal delivery.”

K Tha Sovereign has released a number of successful bangers such as ‘LIONS DEN’ and ‘DEADSTOCK’, and his raw new track presents another side of the Perth rap artist’s talent and solidifies his versatility and potential as a musician.

K’s praiseworthy vocal control and immaculate delivery in his previous releases has caught the attention of a number of people and groups within the Australian hip-hop scene, especially Perth artist and producer Sowdy. The two artists banded together to release their high energy collaborative single ‘Stay Safe’.

Following the success of this single, K swiftly announced he would be joining the newly founded independent label Shine! Records. ‘SLIDAA’ is his first release under Shine! and there is no doubt we will be treated with more incredible music from K Tha Sovereign in the near future.

Words by Liv Declerck

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