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Josiah Saav, articat & FFXRK team up on dynamic new single ‘YDK’

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Victorian-based artists Josiah Saav, articat and FFXRK have jumped on an R&B and Hip-Hop fusion entitled ‘YDK’. The song mixes impeccable vocals, expert lyricism and a sublime hook that makes for a banger of a track. If nothing else, this song demonstrates the power of collaboration and how the best parts of each artist can come together to create something magical. In order to find out the truth about someone, instead of assuming, just ask them.

Each artist’s ability to effectively bring their own unique skillset to ‘YDK’ is what truly makes this a special track. Josiah Saav opens the song with some phenomenal vocal play as he brings a melodic feel and immediately sets the vibe of the song; one of despair, confusion and truths going unrevealed. articat’s verse speaks on that one night with the one who got away. The young artist issues his regrets upon not acting on his intuitions earlier and wanting to provide this special someone an experience that they won’t regret. His ability in successfully nailing a low-pitched R&B delivery is an absolute standout as it adds a sensual texture to the song and gives it an alternative edge. Lastly, we hear FFRXK who again provides a verse which is wholly his own through a rap-based approach. His ability to use his flow and well-crafted lyricism makes for some emphatic bars as he too reminisces on missed opportunities and his own internal turmoil.

Josiah’s hook acts as the anchor for the entire song by helping to assure a seamless transition that ensures articat and FFRXK are able to perform such engaging verses. Moreover, it is in this hook that Josiah sums up the entire message of the song with one line, stating: “You don’t know what’s on my mind”. It is a rather apt statement which speaks to the compelling reality that a flailing relationship requires communication above all else. Production-wise, the listener can feel the technical dedication to laying a perfect platform for these three artists to relay their thoughts and feelings. From the outro we hear the use of drums coupled with the feint play of an acoustic guitar as we subtly pick up on the gentles plucks of its strings that have been prevalent throughout the whole song. ‘YDK’ is an all-round fantastic collaboration that requires immediate attention.

Produced by @articatmc

Words by Joachim Subramaniam

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