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Jck & ACE exercise vulnerable integrity on 'Come Too Far'

Born and raised in Canberra's cold climates, now creatively purposed in Brisbane; Jck has released his first single of 2022 entitled 'Come Too Far'. As his previous singles like 'Starz' and 'Make It Out' express, Jck is an artist that never shies away from pouring his heart onto the page. His intense performance on 'Come Too Far’ reflects his personal integrity and willpower, delivered via a soulful R&B melody and Trap soul rhyming structure. In addition, the track features the charismatic musical debut of Jck's blood relative ACE, with production from 2S providing an open season for both artists to unload their emotionally-heavy inner thoughts.

The listener is ushered into an ambient studio conversation between the two artists. Foreshadowing the passion and integrity that fuels this track, the studio ambience is soaked with triumphant plays of piano keys. In a manner befitting any number of classic R&B artists, Jck confronts his personal struggles through variant and unorthodox melodic structures as he sings: “Free my pops, imma say it every song 'til they free him”.

In empowering fashion, Jck makes reference to the death of his Grandma and the incarceration of his father, admitting that he has no time to waste with fake personas and bystanders following his turmoil. A deeper sense of hunger and willingness to succeed can be felt through this track, as he poetically suggests that if you aren't with him, you're against him: “Loyalty and talk gotta be born with it ... None of my brothers gon' talk dirty on me”.

Wasting no time, ACE dives deep to reflect further on the cold and cruel nature of the music industry, as well as life in general: “They looked away when I was reaching for help, just me, my dogs and I don't need no one else”. With cadence generated directly from the heart, and still riding the victorious feel of the instrumental, ACE continues to explore themes of success, and the 'work hard, play harder' mindset for his people, as well as himself: “I be going hard for the family, with my all in without the thought of repaying me”. Despite being his first official release, ACE has the appeal of a music veteran, with his lyrics and melodic structures reminding me of early Roddy Ricch and Blxst.

As the final chorus strikes (“we've come too far to let it go”) before letting 2S' instrumental ride out, Jck and ACE leave listeners with notions of determination, integrity, and perseverance. It is 'Very Rare', as their label suggests, for artists to take an introspective look at their lives to figure out what is and isn't working for them personally, let alone creatively. In an industry full of inflated egos and hard flexes, it's refreshing to hear artists who take the time to truly self-reflect, look within, and express honestly.

2nd Photo by @burrowsdigital

Words by Dexter Saemo

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