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Jaal & D3JA confidently represent Melbourne’s South-East on ‘Mood Swings’

Hailing from the rising force that is Melbourne’s South-East new wave, multi-faceted up-and-comers Jaal and D3JA have teamed up on the smooth and ambient ‘Mood Swings’. Released alongside the dreamy and surreal ‘I Need Dat’, ‘Mood Swings’ pairs Jaal’s effortless knack for balancing bars and vocals with aplomb alongside D3JA’s refrained and measured delivery. The track sees the pair pondering fluctuating relationships and the challenges that come with them.

‘Mood Swings’ typifies the new wave of hip-hop present in Australia through not just its intoxicating energy, but through the hefty range of admirable facets it brings to the table. Jaal and D3JA’s impressive combination on this song serves as a reflection on the refreshing energy that has been nurtured in Melbourne’s South-East. By effectively harmonizing tried-and-true and authentic sounds, the pair are able to bring the listener on a ride through hazy late night conversations around those significant others that both give us purpose and strain our everyday subconcious. Jaal’s energy on his verses and on the chorus is brazen and forthright, and his lyrics dissect the range of emotions that this special someone has put him through. D3JA’s arrival on the track matches Jaal’s honest attitude by affirming that he has no more time for the one-sided relationships and predictable games.

The inclusion of fellow Melbourne-based artist Elaura on the intro and outro of ‘Mood Swings’ is sensual and perfectly compliments the Spanish-influenced flair of the track, whilst adding to the thoughtful atmosphere established by Jaal and D3JA. The production by Jaal and Eric Boavida is impeccable and fully embraces the track’s nonchalance in breaking down the trials and tribulations that come with many relationships. And it is their use of bouncing drums that allows for the Spanish guitar to breathe its essence onto the track through the creation of a staggered effect in said drums. The song strongly explores the notion of accepting the self-centred decision-making of others, whilst giving them room to learn and grow. And by presenting this theme in such a vibey way, it means you cannot help but love it.

Jaal Photo by @frankiefresco

Words by Matthew Badrov

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