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JÉREI pours out his emotions on latest song ‘I’ll Be Honest’

Rising Sydney artist JÉREI has brought to the table a heartfelt and tragic song that documents the pain and hurt he’s undergone following the end of a relationship. Titled ‘I’ll Be Honest’, the track sees JÉREI using the music as an outlet to convey his story and express his vulnerability, and it is the raw honesty on show that truly makes for a heartbreaking and captivating listening experience. The people that are quick to walk away are the ones who never intended to stay.

This song is for those who have experienced the worst type of emotional pain one can endure – a broken heart. Throughout the listen we see three main themes become prevalent, these being: confusion, betrayal and honesty - all of which are explored and delved into by JÉREI. Confusion comes in the form of JÉREI giving his all to this special someone, treating them to experiences no one else can quite offer and after all of the hurt they have put him through, there is still a part of him that wants it to work out. We see betrayal seep through the cracks in this mangled relationship when they ghost him and lead him on whilst knowing that a future together wasn’t on the intended horizon. And lastly honesty is all that he asks for, as he tells us that is what a relationship should be built upon. Unfortunately, as we hear, it’s built on a rocky foundation of mistruths.

What brings the track together is the fantastic storytelling ability of JÉREI. The lyrics on this track become more than just words or bars, they establish a story that we are encapsulated by, whereby we ride every high and low with him. The line: “Girl I’m in pain, things you done to me I can’t explain” being a microcosm of how he is still reeling from the hurt and pain. Furthermore, JÉREI’s smooth R&B vocals compliment the aura of the song perfectly and this is seen through the hook, which is catchy and acts as the much-needed anchor for the rest of the track, allowing him to delve deeper in his verses. There aren’t too many times where the production on a song perfectly emulates the vibe of a song, but ‘I’ll Be Honest’ hits all of the correct marks. What undoubtedly makes it click is the use of the acoustic guitar which hits deep and allows for the emotional vulnerability from JÉREI to flow through, thus allowing the listener to truly relate to him and potentially resonate with their own experiences that may have been similar.

Produced: @sogimura

Recorded/Mix+Mastered: @forevergoatstudios

Cover Art: @sefo_kapeteni

Words by Joachim Subramaniam

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