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Ipswich collective Swish Music release vibey Afro-fusion track ‘EVERYDAY’

Ipswich’s finest, Unamii, Ajok.Ma and Dau Dau have linked up to fuse genres and perspectives on their latest release ‘EVERYDAY’. By combining aspects from both hip-hop and Afrobeat instrumentals, Swish Music has unlocked a fresh avenue in the Australian new wave hip-hop scene. The Queensland crew’s track will evidently get you grooving and “in a vibe” for the beach.

‘EVERYDAY’ kicks off with Dau Dau’s melodic vocals that instantly set the energy for the entire track. The chorus slowly introduces listeners to his multifaceted talents as he switches from his catchy groove back to his familiar staunch rap bars that we know and love. On the track he explores his perception of love and intimacy, confidently explaining that his intentions are purely dishonest as he only desires a physical connection with a partner. Staying authentic to his sound and perception, Dau Dau has effortlessly thrived with his appearance on ‘EVERYDAY’.

Opposing Dau Dau’s perspective on love Ajok. Ma’s melodic R&B sound flawlessly encapsulates her desire for that everlasting love. Despite her being eager to find her ‘ride or die’, she can’t help but be cautious about whether or not her lover's intentions are what they say they are.

“Serious or no? Baby take it slow, what’s in store for me? Now I gotta know. And are you ready baby, tired of these games.”

Ajok. Ma’s talented vocals hit the spot and instantly get those hips grooving. Her singing pairs perfectly with Dau Dau’s melodies that interact infectiously in a back-and-forth manner. I can picture myself vibing out to this in the club with everyone yelling the lyrics “He said he wanna know if I’m a rider, wanna put me in that Gucci that Prada.”

Last up, Unamii’s emphatic and quick-witted bars are fueled with confidence as she expresses that she has no interest in keeping a man on lock. Like many youngins in the music scene Unamii’s focus is on bettering herself and her grind - “My brand is green, I ain’t coming for the free, but I can come on the beat”. True to form, Unamii displays her knack for demolishing a beat on ‘EVERYDAY’, no doubt reassuring that we can expect Unamii to be a household name this year.

Mixed by Brayden Jay and produced by Prodby106, a frequent Afrobeat composer, the track incorporates hints of Afrobeat and hip-hop instrumentals that add that extra sauce to energise the track. Swish Music are delivering a new sound in the Australian scene and I’m praying we get more Afro-fusion bangers like this.

By blending 3 completely different perspectives on love as well as fusing 2 genres on ‘EVERYDAY’, Swish Music have made an immaculate banger that listeners from all around the world can get down with. I’ve just packed the JBL and I’m ready to blast ‘EVERYDAY’ at the beach.

Mixed by Brayden Jay

Video by Lawson Cross

Dau Dau's Photo by @justplaymedia

Unamii's Photo by @oluwa.png

Words by Violet Murphy

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