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INTERVIEW: charity. chats returning to music after heartbreak and building her soundscape in 2022

We took the time to speak with Perth-based R&B singer and songwriter charity. about her journey into the music industry, her plans for building her repertoire of sound throughout this year and her strategy for getting over heartbreak.

Bubbly and confident, charity. opens up to WAEVZ AU about the journey with her music career so far and the romantic “situationship” inspiring most of her song writing. The Perth-based R&B singer recently released her debut single ‘lowkey’ and has plans to share more of her heartfelt, rhythmic creations in the upcoming year.

“I’ve always really wanted to do music, ever since primary school. I literally auditioned for Australia’s Got Talent, and I’m so glad I didn’t make it,” charity. says through a burst of laughter.

“Looking at it in hindsight, I was so disappointed but really glad I had the opportunity because I remember I kicked up a tantrum because neither of my parents were available to take me. After I kicked up a tantrum, my dad was like “Fine, I’ll take you” and I was so glad I got the opportunity.” charity. continues, saying that although she was turned down by the television talent show, she was persistent with her passion for music, engaging in primary school talent shows with her friends.

“Then, in high school, that was when my anxiety really kicked in and I was just very self-conscious about everything that I did,” charity. says. Despite her feelings of anxiousness, towards the end of high school, charity. shared her first cover of a song on social media. “In 2018, I recorded my ‘Girls Love Beyonce’ cover with one of my cousin’s boyfriend’s friends,” she explains. “He did music already and he had a home studio, so I was just like “Okay let’s do this”.” charity.’s cover won her a gig at the Groovin the Moo Festival in 2019 in Bunbury.

“From there, I feel like I ‘fell off’,” she says, explaining her temporary break from recording covers and posting online. “I came back because I got my heart broken, and I had to prove a point… I went above and beyond for this person, so I was just like, wow never again.”

charity. says the experience with this person sparked something inside her and she knew she had to get back into her music. “He already knew I was into music, so I was like, “I’m going to show out and show the fuck off”. His voice is literally in the beginning of the cover that I posted. It’s the voicemail that he left me, and I was like “I have to use this in this song. From there, I just started posting more covers and then I finally came out with a single.”

charity. describes herself as “an R&B girl” and her beautiful honey-like voice makes it very clear that she is incredibly suited to this musical genre. “I’m pretty set on my music being primarily R&B. I wouldn’t mind getting on songs, like you know when R&B girls collab with hip-hop artists? I will probably do stuff like that, but for the most part I’m happy sticking with my R&B.”

She says her original songs are strongly influenced by the music she leisurely listens to. “My friends literally don’t give me the aux cord unless they want some Drake. Majority of the music I listen to is R&B, sometimes I’ll listen to Polo G here and there and afro beats, but mostly just R&B.”

charity.’s reveal of her ‘Top 3’ favourite artists only further validates her adoration for contemporary rhythm and blues. “Summer Walker, 100%. She’s amazing, I love her. I think I’d have to say Giveon, I listen to him a lot. I’m going to say partynextdoor. He reminds me of Drake if he was just R&B.”

charity. fans will be thrilled to know her next single is currently in the works and is expected to drop in the next few months. The Perth singer is focused on building the foundations of her musical repertoire throughout this year. “I’m just going to do singles this year, I really just want to build my sound first before I even think about dropping an EP. I’ll definitely do lots of covers on Instagram, that hasn’t stopped because it definitely brought in my target audience.”

charity.’s friend and fellow Perth artist and producer Sowdy produced her single ‘lowkey’ and encourages her to keep pursuing her passion of music. “Sowdy and I are probably going to put out another song together. He’s often like, “Here, I’ve made you this beat, now hurry up and drop a song”. There are definitely people I want to work with and we have plans to work together, but if it actually happens or not, we will see.”

On March 11th, charity. is performing at a concert at The Aardvark in Perth for the launch of fellow West Coast artist Wesley Black’s new single. “I’m so happy, it’s my first full set so I’m like ooh shit,” she says excitedly. charity. says she will certainly be performing ‘lowkey’ at the show, as well as covering her favourite songs to perform live.

As for what’s next, charity. is naturally going with the flow. “The year’s just starting so I’m not too sure what’s in store,” charity. says, smiling and shrugging. One thing’s for sure, charity. will no doubt be blessing us with some beautiful music sometime soon.

2nd & 3rd Photos by @albertinatncube

Words by Liv Declerck

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