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BLESSED – Music Is The Medicine (REVIEW)

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Initial Thoughts

Released under BLESSED’s label, GODSPEED / 404HUMAN, ‘Music Is The Medicine’ is the first full-length project from the boundary-pushing, genre-fusing man on a mission that is BLESSED since 2017’s ‘Love Letters’ EP. The project caps off a massive 2020 for BLESSED, who has been spotted featuring alongside the likes of Alive and Arona Mane.

As the world around us can often seem out of control, the music we listen to can reflect upon this in a way no other art form can. Music has the power to hold a mirror to society and the pain underneath many of us. The album’s title is particularly pertinent. Music is much deeper than an art form; it encourages freedom of expression through a conduit which cannot be controlled. BLESSED is more than just an artist, and he’s here to show you why.

Song Breakdown

‘27 Club’

BLESSED kickstarts the mixtape in an emphatic fashion, preaching against the mentality in our culture where we want to live fast and die young. The title is a reference to the infamous age which has mystically taken the lives of many famous artists and actors. This is a great opener, with the echoey backing vocals in this offering full insight in to BLESSED’s vulnerable emotional state. “You say you’d rather die young so everyone knows you”

‘Bonnie Killed Clyde’

Released in the leadup to this mixtape, ‘Bonnie Killed Clyde’ is an exceptional cautionary tale of unrequited love which subverts the relationship of the famous titular duo. The track is very catchy, with simple and effective rhymes supported by an ominous trap instrumental. BLESSED’s voice is splendid here, switching between his typically sophisticated flow and emotionally expressive vocals.


Having spoken on his Instagram in April about hoping to have the sample cleared on this track with the titular Rosalía, BLESSED ardently delivers on the hype that was generated for it back then. The contrast of the subtle guitar strings and heavy-hitting riffs is reflective of BLESSED’s rollercoaster ride of emotions when hypnotised by a significant other; by a lover.

‘Bled Me Dry’ ft LENGHOCK

A record with an undoubted pop-punk influence; referencing the same sort of pain Good Charlotte, Blink-182 & Avril Lavigne spoke about in the early 2000s. BLESSED’s undoubted sensitivity leaves him plagued by the pain of unrequited love from years prior, haunting him and his future relationships since.


A heavenly feel to the opening and a laidback instrumental offer BLESSED a chance to slow it down on this track as he testifies that “The grass ain’t always greener on the otherside, life ain’t always sweeter on the otherside”. BLESSED is a testament to the fact that moving on from love isn’t as easy as people claim it to be.

‘True To Me’

‘True To Me’ sees BLESSED reflecting on everything that has made him who he is. From growing up in Blacktown, Sydney, to his desire to inspire a whole generation of young artists, BLESSED has always stayed true to himself. After a few vocal-filled tracks, BLESSED brings back the hip-hop flow on this with aplomb.

‘Follow Your Heart’

I simply can’t get over those brilliant ephemeral vocals which pop up throughout ‘Follow Your Heart’, a song with an essential message about never letting anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. BLESSED embodies this message wholeheartedly and we love him for it.

‘Mr. Nobody’

Human beings, even during life’s highs, often feel like just another face in the crowd. ‘Mr. Nobody’ personifies that feeling, giving BLESSED the chance to encourage the listener to realise their own “angel wings” hiding deep down in order to subside our fears and doubts.

‘Count On Me’ ft Amaarae

This track is an absolute vibe, combining the melodic talents of both Amaarae and BLESSED to produce one of the most soulful and wholesome songs on the album. The instrumental, a flourishing, Afrobeat style backing track, perfectly complements the pair’s vocal stylings, making for an uplifting listen.

‘Something To Believe In’

‘Something To Believe In’ is everything its title encompasses. Released in September as the first single from ‘Music Is The Medicine’, the song is inherently about the search for guidance and faith. Ultimately, as BLESSED comes to realise, one can only find this in themselves.

‘Nothing Lasts Forever’

A song about savoring the positive periods and moments in our life, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ gives hope to those who feel all the brighter moments have been burnt out and left in the past. BLESSED adheres to the belief that the future provides a rekindling of these feelings, you simply must take the chance when you can.

‘Well At Least We Tried’

What stands out most on ‘Well At Least We Tried’ is the haunting guitar riff which distinguishes it in and amongst the mixtape. In this, BLESSED has encapsulated a classic pop-punk feel which meshes superbly with his unique vocal delivery. The message is clear in this; love is pain, but without it we have nothing to strive for.


What a way to conclude this mixtape. ‘Antidepressant’ compiles everything that makes this project so great in to one track, bringing everything together in such an eloquent and definitive way that one can only look on in awe. BLESSED’s final line, “I tell myself that I’m special, even though I’m not perfect”, is everything this mixtape represents and yet so much more.

Final Thoughts

Having listened through this project twice now, it has affirmed our continued love of BLESSED’s music & his message. With his first ever standalone show going ahead on December 10th, our excitement cannot be contained for what is sure to be a fantastic live experience. What BLESSED offers in his vocals and energy is hard to come by elsewhere. His naturally soothing voice basks you in a raw, healing energy as you listen through the mixtape in its entirety.

In moments where other artists would opt for a beat drop or breakdown, BLESSED always chooses the refrained, solemn approach, to his and our benefit. BLESSED’s music is contemplative, offering the listener a chance to sit down and reflect on 2020, a year which has tested (and continues to test) the resilience of many around the world.

This is no ordinary new wave hip-hop project. Whilst BLESSED will often be found on this mixtape using his meditative rap flow, it is in the fusion of other genres such as alternative rock where he is found to be brandishing most proudly. The guitar and drum instrumentals on ‘Music Is The Medicine’ range from emotionally-charged & tear-jerking to head-banging galore. In addition, the trap drums are perfectly placed throughout.

The facet which ultimately separates BLESSED from other artists is his authentic, heart-on-his-sleeve personality. This mixtape is BLESSED’s greatest work yet; made even stronger by how effectively he translates emotion to music. It is rare to find an artist where every chord, drum beat & vocal note is fully evocative of the emotion behind it, but BLESSED does this with such sophistication and ease and in such a way that it empowers the listener. If Music Is The Medicine, then BLESSED is the cure.

Originally published November 26th, 2020.

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