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Elijah Thrill channels heartbreak and regret on his latest single ‘Attention’

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

New Zealand born, Sydney-based artist Elijah Thrill has released his third single of the year entitled ‘Attention’. The track delves into themes of regret, heartbreak and remorse, and sees Elijah recounting his mistakes in a relationship that led to its downfall. Elijah’s ability to make himself vulnerable on this track, through his admittance to his lack of attention and thoughtfulness, truly shines through and assures a captivating listening experience.

Elijah Thrill’s latest single ‘Attention’ provides intimate insight into the complex - and at times - dire consequences of not giving a relationship everything you could have given it. Elijah’s vocals set the mood from the outset of the song as he speaks to the regret and naivety that he admits could have been avoided altogether had he considered the impact of his actions. Thrill then speaks to the situation from his partner’s perspective; almost as a way of coming to terms with the pain and turmoil that they would have undergone.

Production-wise, from the beginning we are greeted with a dark and gloomy aura that is facilitated through the slow and melancholic beat coupled with some murky synth keys. This perfectly suits the song as it allows for Elijah’s vocals and lyrics to be the conduit of the story as he highlights his wrongdoings. Yet, one of the standouts of the track is the unexpected but welcome addition of an electric guitar solo halfway through the track. It not only allows you to be fully absorbed within the song, but it tells a story of its own whilst superbly breaking up the song and adding a greater emphasis on the lyrics and their true meaning. Undoubtedly, Elijah Thrill is proving with every release why he is such an exciting young artist.

Production and Photos By Elijah Thrill

Words by Joachim Subramaniam

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