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Dxvndre leads all-star Western Sydney rap team with a lyrical onslaught on ‘Royal Rumble’

Western Sydney artist Dxvndre has brought the West together in uncompromising fashion with the recent release of a fiery, bar-heavy homage to the iconic WWE ‘Royal Rumble’. Setting the stage for the track is a perfectly-suited, WWE-inspired introduction delivered by the one and only Kraayziie who sets the stage for the lyrical offensive to come. The landmark collaboration sees KingTheFreeSoul, MRVZ, Elijah Yo and Isaac Puerile coming together to take turns landing RKO after RKO with lethal precision and force. In addition, the track features an ominous beat provided by SOLLYY, a producer based in Western Sydney who understands better than most the significance of the release.

“I think the song represents a moment in time for Western Sydney that feels really unique at this stage, but ultimately is just indicative of what’s about to become normal," SOLLYY said about the release.

"The collaboration wasn’t done with anything else in mind other than to make something great amongst some of the city’s hardest rappers and I feel like we achieved that. It’s important to collaborate anywhere as our scene is still relatively small, so any sort of collaboration is hopefully adding to the ever-growing web of connections that’s slowly starting to form out here.”

Scroll down to read the full lyrical breakdown featuring analysis by the artists themselves


“Rhyme fluidly fluently flow with fury, I’m beautiful but I’ll belt you bitches back to black and blue, Hot fucker new in this doing it good and spewing out truth, assume that I’ll ruin it, few will queue when I do my, Lines madder than Al. E Newman it’s brewing up for you fuckers it’s stupidly good and nutrient full cunt"

South-West Sydney artist KingTheFreeSoul sets the tone for the track with a verse that demonstrates the full extent of his prowess and cheekiness as a rapper. Those accustomed to the Freesouls member’s distinct and unparalleled soulful vocal style will be impressed by the young artist’s natural ability as a rapper, with his quick-thinking displayed emphatically in his wordplay and confident bars. The lyrics here well-and-truly speak for themselves, with King reiterating the extent of his ferocious lyrical capabilities and comparing his wicked bars to the mascot of the infamous Mad Magazine, Al. E Newman.


“They hating on the internet, Only because I been a threat, Don’t you ever disrespect I’ll remove you like I debt collect, Light weights but it’s a heavy weight division, I made a decision , when I’m finished this mics forbidden."

MRVZ: “This verse is me talking from my perspective and how I see the haters judging my craft, and what I do only because they hate to see another brother not only doing good, but actually being good at what he does. “Light weights but it’s a heavy weight division, I made a decision when I’m finished this mics forbidden” is me wrapping it up and saying that if you don’t understand and hear my heart, then we not on the same page, same division, cause all I’m speaking is my truth so why you hating? So, after my verse is done, no one else is to be touching this mic when I’m finished cause I’m the first and last that does me and only me. Whether they hate it or love it, nothing will change.”

Elijah Yo

“It’s none other than the brothers that come from the gutter, You hear us on it G you better start running for cover, Never done a runner, Only from the cops & my mumma, Swear these other rappers I’ll slice em up like they’re butter bruva”

Elijah Yo: “Basically, I’m stepping in claiming there’s no-one like us boys out west. I go on about how I wouldn’t run from any competition & I’d slice em as easy as butter.”

To put it pure and simple, Western Sydney rap pioneer Elijah Yo always brings the charisma and energy on his verses. And this feature on is no different. The young artist wears his heart on his sleeve and puts West Sydney on his chest in a verse that sees him refusing to back down in the heat of a battle for no one, except his mumma of course.


“Straight killer no Orca, it’s in my aura, Ice cold Bars to a Tee, No Law and Order, Fuck a boarder - we cross them now bra AHORA!, Vermin told me stay packed so I became a hoarder, The warlord chief, whole lotta Magic like I’m Cochise, Hit em like roundhouse kick and let they nose bleed”

Dxvndre: “Although I always keep it humble in person, braggadocios bars have always been a big expression of how I write… with CONFIDENCE not cockiness. Playing off the previous bars saying that I’m an “Apparatus Endorser” and referring myself as a Leviathan (a mythical sea serpent) I state that I’m a killer on the microphone and it’s embedded in my blood or my “aura”. Followed with a bit of wordplay on Ice T’s name and the show he features on ‘Law & Order’.

“Continuing on rhyming the “Or/aw/au” sounds or pronunciation, me saying “F*ck the boarders” is also me referring to the gatekeepers in the industry and to top it off I interpreted some Spanish slang “AHORA!” which also means “Now!”, or today in reference to the boarders of Mexico. “Vermin told me stay packed so I became a Hoarder” For those who don’t know this is a reference in regards to one of my favourite films/games to date ‘The Warriors’.

“A famous line Vermin always says before a rumble is “stay packed” which means arm up and carry something. So, then I refer myself as becoming a hoarder. Rolling off that bar we go into another ‘Warriors’ reference about one of the slickest characters named ‘Cochise’ who says the famous quote “Magic…. Whole lotta magic” and I use that to describe my abilities to rap and say that they hit hard like a Roundhouse kick from Cochise.”

Isaac Puerile

“Cashing in my chips, rappers think they’re actually rich ‘til their raps aint putting jack up in the fridge, trappin’ out the crib, that ain’t what you actually live, know your high is just a trend and law of gravity a bitch”

Isaac Puerile: “This verse was written in high school and it’s coming from a point in my life where I felt like I wrote 1000 rhymes and it was me giving in and seeing what the lifestyle of an artist is. Like faking habits or personalities.

“Bar wise I think the only little smart thing in that part is the HIGH being a trend and low of gravity being a bitch like bringing them down from being high. Like the fake high is just a huge build up for a real-life downfall type beat.”

@feks (SOLLYY Photo), @cutcordcreative (KingTheFreeSoul Photo), @kb_graphical (Elijah Yo Photo), @shotby23visuals / @snapped_by_kai (Dxvndre Photo 1 / 2)

Words by Matthew Badrov, MRVZ, Elijah Yo, Dxvndre & Isaac Puerile

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