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Duan & ThatKidMaz deliver free form all-Melbourne collaboration 'Ways'

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Multi-talented producer Duan and artist ThatKidMaz have brought together a variety of Melbourne-based artists for a wicked track entitled ‘Ways’. Each of the featured artists on the track – those of which include Elysia Gomez, Kobe White and Julia Lostrom – combine superbly with Duan and ThatKidMaz to each impart their own immense talent and ability on this impressive collaboration. The song weaves together a variety of unique elements in a wonderful free-form fashion that embodies the creativity and passion that is being fostered in the Melbourne scene.

Those opening hums; that smooth saxophone; the gentle build-up of eclectic sounds – it all adds up to set the tone for the distinct and refreshing track that is ‘Ways’. Throughout one’s listening experience of ‘Ways’ you cannot help but to appreciate the synergy amongst the diverse range of voices and creatives contributing to this track. From the offset ThatKidMaz’s flow is adaptable and runs smoothly across the lively, unpredictable beat crafted by Duan. Furthermore, Maz’s sophisticated lyricism speaks to the young artist’s wisdom and awareness in how he traverses the challenges of the world around him. And if anything, ‘Ways’ offers the listener a path away from their own struggles through the message it embodies.

Vocalists Elysia Gomez, Kobe White and Julia Lostrom each build on the impressive precedent set by Duan and ThatKidMaz by complementing the energy of the track with their luscious, transient vocals. Elysia Gomez and Julia Lostrom’s ephemeral vocals and harmonisations offer an entrancing ambience to the heartfelt R&B refrain that is passionately delivered by Kobe White. Undeniably, ‘Ways’ is an astounding reflection of the power of collaboration and what can be nurtured from it, with Duan as the central architect. The up-an-coming producer wholeheartedly demonstrates an astute aptitude in balancing such a wide variety of artists whilst still remaining true to the track’s core intention.

Words by Matthew Badrov

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