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DSP returns with a delivery of lyrical finesse on ‘The Issue Freestyle’

Western Sydney artist DSP has kicked-off 2022 in style by delivering a powerful track entitled ‘The Issue Freestyle’. Having made a significant impact on the Australian hip-hop scene in 2021, the young up-and-comer’s return to music has been instantly elevated by the commanding release of ‘The Issue’, a single which allows the Campbelltown-raised artist to get a few choice words off of his chest. The track is an opportunity for DSP to not just signal his intent to takeover in 2022, but to give listeners a raw insight into his lived experience and headspace across the past few months.

When a track like ‘The Issue Freestyle’ lands one has to just sit back and take in the impactful performance, in this case by West Sydney artist DSP. There are multiple issues explored by the dynamic rapper here, from the notion that self-healing and self-love are never taught but rather learnt, to the value of remaining true to yourself in spite of the temptations of the world around you. DSP is in fine lyrical form here, exploring every issue he breaks down to the listener with both depth and sophistication, and an unfiltered passion that showcases how fed up he is with the obstacles he sees around him. It’s immediately clear from the offset that DSP holds little regard for sugarcoating here as he speaks to the significance of his own personal growth over the past year, “And look I understand, I’m a better man now, this the best I ever been no cap, hands down”, before further revealing the extent of his hurt from fake friendships that left him anchored and stranded, “Pour some holy water in my eyes now it’s clear to see that the enemy have always been the ones right next to me”.

Featuring production from GRINNY, DOMBA and Déjà Miru, the track sees DSP strutting his confident range of flows and emphatic lyricism over a lethal instrumental. DSP stays true to the traditions set by rap freestyles through the implementation of cutting wordplay and off-the-dome quick-thinking, however by showing respect to his influences and providing his own signature delivery he is able to bring his own distinct spin to the format. Furthermore, by digging into the learnings that have come from his own self-reflection, DSP is able to make clear the importance of authenticity and steering clear of a violent life, “And fuck these streets, wanna gang bang for affiliation, but deep down still no stimulation, you better use myself as a demonstration”, going on to cite creating a better life for one’s family as a truer motivation in life, “make the family proud, better yet take them out the gutter”. ‘The Issue Freestyle’ is a representation of DSP coming to terms with what he truly values out of life, and in doing so, he has facilitated a headspace for himself that leaves him primed and ready to head into 2022 with self-assurance.

1st Photo by @blindsidehein

Words by Matthew Badrov

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