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Drea & Mali Jo$e team up to inspire listeners to act on their feelings with ‘Yellow’

Following a stellar 2021, Perth artist Drea has returned with the release of her intimate new single ‘Yellow’. 2022 is set to be an exciting year for Drea, an artist who seamlessly blends her enchanting, soulful R&B vocals with upfront and vulnerable lyrics that immediately foster an emotional connection with the listener, meaning you’re definitely going to be replaying her tracks again and again. The release features the charisma and alternative hip-hop stylings of fellow West Coast artist Mali Jo$e, with Perth producer and creative Dylan Guy providing a superb technical base for the artists to thrive off.

Ushering the listener into the track are Mali Jo$e’s distinct enhanced vocals that float amongst the subtle plays of the piano keys. Yet from here our expectations are instantly subverted as producer Dylan Guy opts to trickle in an R&B beat that leads to the listener on a path to Drea’s captivating vocals. The song factors in the double meaning of the term ‘yellow’, which refers to both cowardice and then comfort, two undeniably separate extremes. Within this track however, Drea presents a duality through the different perspectives in a budding romance, acknowledging her hope in this significant other’s ability to let down their walls eventually, “She hopes he gets rid of his pride, and he says hi”. Fundamentally, the song allows Drea to explore the feeling of attributing all of her love for this person to the bright, reassuring glow of the colour yellow, indicating the warmth and comfort they bring into her life.

Mali Jo$e’s arrival on the track allows him to convey a verse dedicated to acting on one’s feelings in spite of the trepidation and anxiety you may feel in pursuing this romance. Mali’s wordplay and lyricism comes to the fore as he relents to the notion that no matter how far you distance yourself from these feelings, they will remain tied into your every being, “Feelings don’t go away, never change, centre stage, catch a case, can’t face all these feelings”. Inherently, the track breaks down the nature of romance, with Drea speaking to the significance of such a relationship where two people are symbiotically tied by their mutual degree of understanding and empathy, “Yellow, the one he wants to hold / Super sweet but not naïve, understands she needs all the space to breathe”. Such an adoring reflection on the positivity and powerful energy that love provides is achieved emphatically by Drea, who intricately deciphers both perspectives in a burgeoning romance whilst healing listeners with her vocal sophistication and depth.

Mali Jo$e Photo by Dylan Guy

Words by Matthew Badrov

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