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‘Difference in Due Time’ is MAMMOTH.’s ode to pursuing personal & artistic authenticity

Released as part of a double single drop that featured the percussion-based, brazen lyricism of ‘Whats in the Bag?’ alongside it, ‘Difference in Due Time’ brings together the immense talents of MAMMOTH. with fellow Melbourne artist CD and Sydney producer and drummer Scruffs. The tracks were the result of sessions that were conducted during Scruffs’ visit to Melbourne, and both songs are indicative of a raw, interconnected energy and the immense musicality of all three.

Instantly the drums and keys utilised by Scruffs establish the late-night, internal-monologue mood of ‘Difference in Due Time’. MAMMOTH.’s incessant flow on this track is characterised by limited breathes in between each set of bars, and the way he superbly juggles a multitude of thoughts and emotions in his expressive bars is representative of his aptitude as a rapper. And in between this confident display of delivery and flow, the Melbourne artist slips in ephemeral vocals that demonstrate his multifaceted nature as an artist. Fundamentally, within ‘Difference in Due Time’, MAMMOTH. reaffirms the importance of blocking out exterior noise and learning to be fearless with everything he does. And it is the whirlwhind journey that MAMMOTH. takes the listener on that is ultimately reflective of his own struggles with self-doubt and impatience with his own trajectory.

The horns which bookend the track are wonderfully-chosen by Scruffs and embody this cycle of thoughts running through MAMMOTH.’s head through Scuffs’ intentional choice to open the track with lively horns and to end it with horns typified by an added reflectiveness in tone. It seemingly conveys this idea that MAMMOTH.’s overwhelming internal monologue is truly only settled by the realisation that with time comes the fruits of one’s labour. Undeniably, the strength of ‘Difference in Due Time’ lies in the depth provided by these immense talents, which is a joy to experience. CD’s silky repitition of the phrase: “I need you to tell me something different” acts not just as a sublime refrain, but it appears to speak on behalf of an external voice motivating MAMMOTH. to stay true to his path and remain steadfast in working to push boundaries with his music. CD’s vocal performance is short, but wholly impactful, and shows her undoubted ability to captivate listeners to their very core in just a few words. And as per, the mix and master from MixedByTrae is impeccable. ‘Difference in Due Time’ irrefutably encapsulates the cross-country sonic flair on offer across the Australian scene, and is certainly one worth checking out immediately.

Mix & Master - @ayotraee

Photos by @comegetshot (MAMMOTH. Photo) & @garconhorror (CD Photo)

Words by Matthew Badrov

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