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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Initial Thoughts

Last Friday, Australian R&B artist CVIRO, alongside ever-present collaborator and producer GXNXVS, blessed listeners with a bunch of new stellar tracks to head in to the Summer full of good vibes with. The EP, entitled ‘The Sequel’, is just their second ever extended release, following on from 2018’s ‘Now You Know’. The lead-up to this EP saw the release of four singles, including; ‘Negotiation’, ‘Stay With Me’, ‘Confess’ and ‘Candy’. If these songs were any indication of the strength of the EP, we knew we were in for a fantastic listen. Read on for our full breakdown.

Song Breakdown

'On & On'

The way this track conveys CVIRO’s musings on lost love is incredible, blending his vocals in such a way where it reflects his past and present outlook on the relationship. The back-and-forth nature of the vocals evokes his response to the deterioration of such an impactful bond. The track is enhanced as well by GXNXVS’s use of booming drums and sumptuous guitar strings.

'Stay With Me'

CVIRO takes his vocals to another notch in ‘Stay With Me’, setting the mood with a painful, heartfelt reflection of his significant other fighting temptation and what he believes is meant to be. The remainder of the track then unearths what CVIRO wishes for; for that special someone to commit. I love the inclusion of the angelic backing vocals later in the track.


Considering I’ve been blasting this track since it dropped on November 20th, I was ecstatic to find out that it would be part of a wider EP. Of course, ‘Candy’ fits in excellently in to the EP, with GXNXVS giving CVIRO a fantastic platform to provide his alluring vocals and fun-loving rhythmic refrains over a sultry beat. The aforementioned “Gimme gimme that, gimme gimme gimme that” refrain is catchy as hell.


The groove factor on this track is turned up to 110%. Fundamentally, ‘Confess’ sees CVIRO coming to terms with and admitting to regrets over his lack of commitment to a special someone. On top of that though, ‘Confess’ is seriously one of the best tracks of 2020. That chorus, in tandem with the excellent beat, is perfectly intertwined, creating one of the smoothest listens you’ll have this year.

'Chance Again'ft Kaleem Taylor

‘Chance Again’ offers CVIRO the opportunity to share the spotlight with English songster Kaleem Taylor. The transient bursts of Kaleem’s emotive singing elevates this track in such an excellent way, ensuring he supports CVIRO with sophistication whilst still holding his own with some lavish vocals.


Released in July of last year, ‘Negotiation’ is about the effort taken by CVIRO to demonstrate the power that love can conjure just by coming together in spite of others’ objections. This track maintains the quality consistency of the EP, whilst taking the opportunity to slow things down in the production and in its verses, ultimately offering the listener a chance to reflect.


I adore the way CVIRO and GXNXS concluded this EP. The significance of this track must not be ignored, as it offers insight in to the dilemma faced by CVIRO in wanting to maintain a relationship he doesn’t know he can. CVIRO is professing to fears that he will eventually cause this love to fall apart, pointing to a deeper struggle for the artist in not wanting to hurt someone they’re in love with.

Final Thoughts

For me personally as one of four members of WAEVZ AU, I did not grow up appreciating old school R&B in the same way other members did. But therein lies the magic of CVIRO and GXNXVS. The fact that they can turn someone like myself in to a fully-fledged lover of an EP which is unfamiliar territory in terms of my listening habits, is incredible. The pure, unadulterated energy which emits from this EP leaves me craving a dancefloor each and every time. If that doesn’t get you to listen to ‘The Sequel’, then you’re simply doing yourself a disservice.

It is important to note that as much as CVIRO and GXNXVS are immensely talented in their own right, it is when they come together that they are unstoppable. Undoubtedly, CVIRO & GXNXVS are impeccable at recreating the early 2000s R&B aesthetic; they have nailed down a style and they perform it with aplomb. The musical aptitude and natural talent they possess means they thankfully won’t be disappearing anytime soon. In addition, credit must go to CVIRO for contributing to the production of the album as well, demonstrating his multi-faceted artistry. No doubt 2021 will open up plenty of doors for the highly ambitious duo.

Originally published December 17th, 2020.

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