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Collaborations the Australian scene needs VOL.2

The Australian hip-hop and R&B scene continues to surprise me with the genres and vocal styles our artists aren’t afraid to bend and experiment with. Truthfully, it goes without saying that there’s always something refreshingly new on the table coming out of the Australian scene. In Volume 2 of ‘Collaborations the Australian scene needs’ segment, we’ll be diving into what elements make these artists unique and why their talent would blend immensely well with other exceeding talented artists to ultimately take Australian music to the greatest of heights.

Mulalo X Srirachi

I thought I was sassy, but after hearing Mulalo’s ‘Tracy Grimshaw’ and Srirachi’s ‘U Want More Sir?’ I realised that I am far from it. Fierce in attitude and relentless in lyricism, this Melbourne pair together could show the world just a glimpse of the impeccable hip-hop talent that Melbourne is home to. After discovering that both artists first released music in 2020 and both have hilarious TikTok pages I now follow religiously, it was confirmed - this is a match made in heaven.

From Mulalo’s latest adrenaline ridden track ‘HOUDINI’, to her authentic Australian shoutout ‘Tracy Grimshaw’, she continues to prove that she’s no ordinary rapper. Whether she’s clapping back at haters with outlandish bars or she’s creatively conjuring similes that convey her ruthless thoughts, her cadence shines above all as she carries every word with utter confidence,

I’m booked and busy with my price going up, Girl you’re giving coupon, That’s what I’ve been on”.

Srirachi’s most recent single ‘Suckin On My Titties’ - which according to the supportive crowd reaction it generated from her recent show at Parramatta Lanes - is suited for “the children and Asian aunties”, and just goes to show that Srirachi really can devour any beat she jumps on. Her witty hooks and transparent choruses have also led her to growing a loyal fanbase who continuously anticipate every show or release she announces.

If anyone has the balls to take the Australian scene to greater heights, it’s Mulalo and Srirachi.

Moe. X Mandi Kae

Although the Australian scene is saturated with a lot of familiar voices and sounds that you might be getting tired of hearing, there is a whole abundance of authentic voices and sounds coming out of this nation and Moe. and Mandi Kae are 2 of them. The pair have time traveled back into the late 90’s/early 2000’s to bring us a flavour that we’ve all missed.

‘P’s’, Moe.’s most recent single that he self-produced from his mobile phone (seriously that’s almost unheard of) is a complete throwback to icons of our childhood like flip phones, ‘Step Up’ and the best fashion of the early 2000’s. Diversifying the culture with this era throwback of a single, Moe.’s melodic vocals are not to be slept on, as he continues to deliver a soothing edge with every track he releases.

Another voice in the scene soothing its way into my headphones is Mandi Kae’s. Despite releasing her debut single ‘Issue’ 5 months ago in June this year, it forever continues to live rent free inside my head. With accents of 90’s R&B love anthems like Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’ and TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’, Mandi has expertly crafted the single to be both modern and nostalgic.

Together Moe. and Mandi Kae could pursue the ultimate throwback anthem, reminiscing on their perspective of love and their aspirations moving forward in romantic relationships. You can catch me praying that the pair meet in the studio together one day.

Gia Vorne X kaedi

A collaboration that’d undeniably be on rotation for those late nights filled with introspective thoughts, Gia Vorne and kaedi could create the biggest R&B and Neo-Soul phenomenon to ever escape Australia.

Gia Vorne’s most recent single ‘Fools’ was originally written over a YouTube melody in the middle of lockdown in 2021, and speaks to feeling emotionally duped by a former significant other. The track, unlike her previous release ‘Liquor Lie’, is soft and supple and allows Gia the space to reflect on how uncontrollable feelings of love lead her to being emotionally sabotaged.

Similarly, kaedi has also switched up from her previous release which was a collaboration with renowned Brisbane rapper Steeze Malase where kaedi too spat her bars and melodically rapped her way to the chorus. ‘FELL4ME’ is interwoven with kaedi’s sweet vocal tones, truly showcasing her versatility as an artist and her capacity for moody deep dives into relationship struggles.

With both artists being unbound by genre restrictions, I vision this free-flowing pair harmonising to a deep, soulful production whilst incorporating kaedi’s hip-hop skills among the track. Undoubtedly with these two anything could be possible.

Zion Garcia X Becca Hatch

Zion Garcia’s recent collaboration with “Sydney’s best kept secret” and consistent collaborator Sollyy, saw him take a path that we’ve never seen before. Previously sticking to groovy and lo-fi forms of hip-hop, Zion’s feature on ‘APPLY THE PRESSURE’ has immensely diversified his discography by showing his ability to dabble into experimental house and dance music. As Zion entered the electronic realm, it clicked immediately. Zion Garcia X Becca Hatch has to happen!

If you don’t know who Becca Hatch is, she’s a phenomenal vocalist who’s been killing the game ever since she entered it in 2020. Becca is frequently meshing her vocals with electronic elements to set her apart from anyone else in the industry. Her 2021 single ‘Safety’ and her most recent track with Tentendo ‘Blessed’ sees her incorporate UK Garage elements which would pair seamlessly with Zion’s vocals as he too proves he can master any beat.

This West Sydney duo just has to happen. Not only could this collaboration take Australian music further than it’s ever been, but they would just know how to create an absolute banger and that’s what I’m truly hanging for.

Mulalo Photo 2 & Video by @minoriuedaphoto

kaedi Video by @ruffpops & @redeemervisuals

Becca Hatch Photo by @j4cinthe

Words by Violet Murphy

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