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Christian Emelio debuts with sensual R&B track to stamp his name on the Australian scene

Releasing his debut single entitled ‘Last Name’, Western Sydney’s Christian Emelio is the newest addition to Australia's burgeoning R&B scene. Encapsulating his honest intentions and desire for a healthy romantic relationship, the singer has no trouble being transparent with his listeners. Released alongside a captivating music video, ‘Last Name’ has seen Emelio leap into the industry with a voice that’ll leave you assured in the sentiment that he’s bound to make it global sooner or later.

With ‘Last Name’, Christian Emelio’s lyricism uncovers both his romantic desires, and how being infatuated with that special someone can distract you from the troubles of the world, voicing: “You take my mind away, my heart escapes when I'm with you babe”. And although he touches on the importance of physical attraction on the single, Emelio reaffirms that without a deep emotional connection the relationship’s essence can become stagnant.

“Your presence playing with me, shaking my flow”

The R&B vocalist also touches on his own romantic qualities: “better give you something different, something new” to highlight that he is one to treasure as well, reiterating the balance that resembles a healthy connection. Through the passionate music video the singer further re-enforces that the vitality of falling in love with someone’s soul should be prioritised before leaping into physical affection.

The sublime creative efforts of production pair BeatsWithSheph stood out as always, with the producer duo perfectly interweaving the Sydney singer's vocals with the track’s production to complete the soulful aura of the R&B tune. BeatsWithSheph have also amped up the sensual serenity of the song through layering Emelio’s vocal riffs and harmonies that elegantly complete the track. From previously working with some of the biggest hip-hop and soul artists from Australia, BeatsWithSheph have undoubtedly played a huge role in shaping the scene into what it is today, and with Christian Emelio’s debut track they’ve pushed the local wave even further.

The suave debut track from the R&B singer has undeniably made a mark on the Australian scene and serves as a reminder that the local artist is one you just can’t afford to sleep on. Christian Emelio’s ‘Last Name’ is a track to add to that sensual, melodic R&B playlist and a tune to blast after you’ve turned on the purple LED bedroom lights.

Words By Violet Murphy

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