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Blve Diamond explores his aspirations for love in his latest release ‘My Heart’

Brisbane's bustling multifaceted rapper, Blve Diamond, has again reaffirmed his own unique lane in Australian hip-hop with the release of ‘My Heart’. Diamond’s most recent release is an exploration of the complications he’s faced in the pursuit of love, feelings which he expresses effortlessly due to his driving passion for music creation. Perfectly paired with a laid-back hip-hop instrumental, the rapper's bars and use of melodic arcs creates the ultimate reflective mood for listeners that resembles the surreal emotions one experiences when falling in love. The message is clear: don’t plan for a relationship, falling in love is inevitable whether you’re ready or not.

Throughout ‘My Heart’, Blve Diamond unpacks the complexities of love and his aspirations for a future relationship. Despite not being in search of love, the Brissie rapper explores the inevitability of such feelings, and how relationships tend to form as they will.

“I don’t even think I want love anymore, fairytales to me are honestly a bore”,

The talented rapper dabbles into the vitality of loyalty, trust, codependency and his main objectives in a relationship. The versatile artist frequently emphasises the ‘ride or die’ relationship concept, explaining how that special someone would hold it down for him like no other. On the track, Diamond also delves into progressive relationships and experiencing new things with that special someone. The impressive and tactile wordplay throughout the song left me captivated, with Diamond rhyming country to country like it’s second nature: “I heard good things about the chicken cooked in South Korea, Brush up on Swahili we could go to Tanzania.”

Diamond also highlights that his relationship and love was orchestrated by God and fate. This track was released alongside ‘God is Great’, a song that has an impenetrable hyper trap-beat, polar opposite to this release, further showcasing Blve Diamond’s range and versatility.

The deep and intricate production on ‘My Heart’ harmoniously pairs with Blve Diamond’s engaging vocals which immediately capture the listener. Melodic vocal accents throughout the instrumental further increase the surreal feeling of falling in love that the song authentically portrays, and the strong bass guitar on this track facilitates the ethereal vibe that this song carries.

Blve Diamond has expertly crafted a remarkable track that captures the heavenly essence of falling in love. Undeniably, Blve Diamond is an artist that you’d want to ensure is on your radar for 2022, with his debut mixtape ‘DIAMOND SZN’ being released on January 7th.

Produced by @beatsbymantra

Photos by Chloe (catgutsphoto)

Words by Violet Murphy

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