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BLESSED & Chirine team up for statement of empowerment ‘What’s The Reason’

Western Sydney prodigy BLESSED has released his highly anticipated project ‘LOCKDOWN TAPES VOL. 1’. This mixtape is a perfect compilation of the tracks that BLESSED has worked on during Sydney’s recent 4-month long lockdown, previewing these tracks on his TikTok channel throughout the lockdown. In true BLESSED fashion, the project combines heavily influenced Hip-Hop tracks with an incorporation of many alternative sounds, making it vibrant, exciting and engaging for the listener.

BLESSED teams up with fellow Western Sydney artist and producer Chirine on Track number 9 ‘What’s The Reason’. BLESSED had hinted at a collaboration between the two artists on his Instagram story during the lockdown and we have been waiting ever since for this dynamic link up. ‘What’s The Reason’ is the perfect combination of music-making genius and speaking on a sensitive and relatable topic for all listeners to be empowered by.

BLESSED and Chirine have embodied the origins of Hip-Hop empathically on this track. Early Hip-Hop was a platform to shed light on oppression, inequality and standing up for differences in cultures. Whilst present throughout Hip-Hop’s history, recent times have arguably seen a shift by a majority of Hip-Hop artists towards rapping about money, fame, women and power. On this track, BLESSED explores the current state of oppression that is experienced by many groups from the world over. Whether you are a child in Western Sydney witnessing the clear inequality of powers present in the system, or a person in the Middle East experiencing wars your whole life, or an African American scared to be pulled over by the police in the US. We witness some powerful thought-provoking bars from BLESSED that empower the oppressed to stand up for their freedom, despite not understanding why they are treated with such hate. He encourages the average listener to be aware of the injustices around them and to take initiative against what they’re seeing.

Chirine’s verse is the perfect addition to this song. She begins her verse with a rapid flow and eases into a melodic and melancholic tone, highlighting the range of emotions the listener goes through when listening to this track. We also see a vulnerable side to Chirine, using personal examples to highlight the inequalities she’s experienced in her life and those surrounding the ones she loves. Her versatile nature allows her to spit bars as an MC and transition into melodic singing with exceptional vocal pitch changes and vocal stretching, giving the listener goosebumps throughout the song. The production from BLESSED is phenomenal. The use of multiple guitar loops throughout the song allows for an intimate listen and the surprise of the wind instrumental towards the end of Chirine’s verse leading into the hook was a spectacular addition. I relate to this song on multiple levels, having immigrated to Australia from an oppressed country and faced the everlasting effects makes me appreciate the message of empowerment through this song.

Words by Maroun Ghossain

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