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‘BIG’ solidifies BOY SODA’s distinct sound ahead of a massive 2022

Undeniably, BOY SODA is someone who fully encompasses everything about himself within his music. From his range of influences, to the internal conflict that comes with wanting to push boundaries as an artist, his music is the truest extension of himself. BOY SODA’s latest release, ‘BIG’, is a track that exists in its own lane as a free form match-up of R&B and hip-hop that sees the up-and-comer explore the impact of his self-awareness on his outlook of the world.

Instantly on ‘BIG’, BOY SODA’s vocals soar through the production from Sydney’s Club Angel in an enlivening and captivating fashion, bringing attention to the rummaging and overthinking running through his internal monologue. The Sydney artist proceeds to relent that we’re all human and facing an inner turmoil, except for BOY SODA it is a matter of reminding himself and others that we’re all ultimately flawed as a result of this, “Different walks of life but in the end we all bleed, everybody working cause we all gotta eat”. It is precisely here where Club Angel’s emphatic drums kick-in and BOY SODA shifts his anxiety and self-doubt to a rallying, all-encompassing chorus that feels like he’s placing his heart directly front and centre on his sleeve and recognising that there is a greater cosmic force at play than we’re aware of. Through this, BOY SODA acknowledges the greater path that is yet to unfold whilst further evoking that the trivial complications, mistakes and day-to-day struggles we experience are miniscule when compared to the grand picture.

Such a realisation is a never-ending emotional experience for people to undergo, especially as invariably our existence perpetually causes us to ponder our worth. But to accept that not only is our path indeterminable, it is largely outside of our control, is to fully realise our true meaning in an unpredictable world. The track’s video clip directed by Bailey Watts speaks to this, as it features BOY SODA traversing a sparse, untouched landscape after seemingly experiencing a metaphorical rebirth out of water. The grainy colour grading combined with stylist Dexter Lola depicting BOY SODA in an androgynous outfit inspired by the Archangel Gabriel in 2005’s superhero horror film “Constantine” is emblematic of the track’s self-aware, stoic, and ultimately hopeful tone. Truthfully, when you hear BOY SODA’s music, you’re rewarded by listening to an artist who is genuinely willing to break through sonic boundaries and disregard outside influences. BOY SODA has increasingly shown to us the elevated ability he possesses as an artist with every release, a facet which is bound to resonate with an even greater listener base in the near future.

Photos by @dexter.lola

Words by Matthew Badrov

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