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Bianca Blakk & Young Pascal break down the duality of broken love on ‘Selfish’

Bianca Blakk has teamed-up with fellow West Australian artist Young Pascal for an emotional journey into the partition that leads to a relationship’s demise. Titled ‘Selfish’, the single follows on from Bianca’s debut release ‘Over You’ in 2019 and represents an exciting collaboration with fellow multifaceted West Coast artist Young Pascal. Moreover, ‘Selfish’ represents the unlimited potential that the Australian has as its disposal when it sees two versatile artists coming together to create music that will undeniably resonate with listeners from Australia and beyond.

South West WA artist Bianca Blakk has triumphantly returned with ‘Selfish’, a powerful and heart-wrenching single that sees fellow WA artist Young Pascal shining with an outstanding verse. Bianca’s verses act to provide the listener with an in-depth unraveling of her heartache and turmoil that has plagued her since the sight of seeing this significant other betraying her love and loyalty for someone else. By comparison, Young Pascal’s verse serves to provide the significant other’s perspective and their admittance of an inability to be vulnerable. The single is a poignant reflection on the fact that a breakdown of a relationship is inevitable when one person struggles to embrace the love.

Photo by @kawisakymedia

‘Selfish’ is built-up by the sublime production from Conor Lawson and JCAL which assures a melancholic platform of swelling keys and swaying trap drums for Bianca and Pascal to convey the truest extent of their emotional dismay. Moreover, the collaboration allows for both sides of the relationship to be effectively explored and conveyed, thus allowing the listener to understand that complexities that lead to this particular relationship’s downfall.

By bridging Bianca’s evocative and heartfelt vocals with Young Pascal’s pain-drenched and expressive delivery the track thrives as a melancholic banger that draws from pop, R&B and trap influences to conjure up something fresh and dynamic. It is all capped off in the track’s solemn conclusion where the artists go back-and-forth on the final verse, ultimately eliciting the song’s themes wholeheartedly in the coming to terms with this failed relationship that is evoked in the despondency of their vocals.

Photo by @soza.pidgeon

Words by Matthew Badrov

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