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Baby Prince and Mason Dane deliver moody energy on new single ‘Fall Thru’

Brisbane’s Baby Prince has blessed us with his fresh single ‘Fall Thru’ featuring Newcastle’s Mason Dane. The rhythmic and lyrical track dropped last week, but Baby Prince reveals it’s been a long time coming and it was undeniably worth the wait. “This song has been in the vault for 2-3 years and it’s opened a lot of doors for me personally behind the scenes so it’s very special for sure.”

Although the two East Coast artists have collaborated previously on their romantic R&B song ‘Pretty Pearl’, the more provocative track ‘Fall Thru’ was the very first song Baby Prince and Mason Dane recorded together. “I originally recorded just the hook in my room and posted a snippet on Snapchat. Mason reacted to it and said he wanted to drop a verse,” says Baby Prince. “We had met maybe 6 months prior I’d say, courtesy of Travy P and I.E.”

Baby Prince even makes a lyrical reference to Mason Dane in ‘Fall Thru’, saying, “Ain’t been the same ever since I linked with Mase”. The track was produced, mixed, and mastered by Brisbane-based Liam Thomas. “It was originally on a guitar beat from a different producer and I didn’t like it, but I knew if I sent the acapella vocals to my buddy Liam, he could create a special beat to match it,” says Baby Prince.

The track is vibrant and upbeat, kicking off with a simple yet catchy melodic tune before Baby Prince’s vocals are added as he sings the hook, “Told you fall thru, baby I could be your doctor”. The track begins to warm up a little more when the light rhythmic high-hat beat is introduced, but this is immediately stripped away for Mason’s verse as he sings, “What’s the problem?”. It feels almost like a tease to listeners, as the vocals and the original synthesised tune are alone once more without the satisfaction of head-bopping drums. That is until Mason Dane sings “Hotter than the summer” and a lovely bold drum beat kicks in, creating the full-bodied energy being anticipated.

It’s clear that after this point, the whole track seems to awaken into the high energy song expected from the duo. ‘Fall Thru’ is fun and light-hearted, emanating the feelings of excitement and high adrenaline provoked from making successful moves in the music industry, which both Baby Prince and Mason Dane are accomplishing.

The grind to get to where they are is clear in the chorus lyric, “I been working late night shifts for the commas”. The song seems to reflect the way both artists are aiming to enjoy life and not take themselves too seriously, whilst still working hard on the road to success and this is accentuated through the lyrics from Baby Prince saying, “I took the crown, I feel like Elvis but I’m not Elvis” and from Mason Dane saying, “She got me laughing now, now we in a mansion”.

Overall, Baby Prince and Mason Dane have delivered a feel-good, AUX worthy track that will leave fans looking forward to future collaborations from the duo.



Cover art by @fractrd

Music video directed by Jack Nielson

Words by @livdaangel

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