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Artist Spotlight - r.em.edy

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Unbound by genre, Melbourne’s r.em.edy embodies the new wave of hip-hop wholeheartedly. A dynamic fusion of hip-hop, R&B and indie singer-songwriter stylings, r.em.edy’s music possesses a freedom that is reflective of an artist capable of taking the listener on a whirlwind of raw, authentic emotion with the variety of sounds on offer.

I came across r.em.edy through an interview with Melbourne based podcast ‘RollingUp Entertainment’, where the young up-and-coming artist spoke on finding self-confidence, embracing oneself unapologetically & the supportive environment of creatives around her. These themes permeate all throughout her music and it is r.em.edy’s genuine expressions of honesty that grasp the listener and never let go.

r.em.edy’s debut came in 2019 with ‘Congratulations’, a track full of sass which sees the young rapper coming to terms with a past relationship, one where her significant other was selfish & thoughtless and wholly dependent on r.em.edy in place of their own self-care. By contrast, October 2019 release ‘Pick Up the Phone’ sees r.em.edy speaking on the aftermath of a relationship which has left her with mixed feelings about whether to end it or follow up one last time. The use of some perfectly-placed drums and moody, mischievous keys sets the tone for a track which encapsulates indifference, frustration and leftover desires all in one. ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Pick Up the Phone’ laid the platform for an artist who with every song thereafter has been forthright in how she looks back at her past relationships.

2020 saw r.em.edy maintaining the momentum set by the year prior, with ‘Loving All These Men’ (produced by Able2) and ‘Like You Should’ (produced by Blondmoss) being released in August & September respectively. ‘Loving All These Men’ features wonderful instrumentation, with the vivacious cymbals, emphatic drums and unexpected but at home saxophone all forming a perfect stage for r.em.edy to strut her gorgeous jazzy vocals. September’s ‘Like You Should’ radiates a longing energy, with r.em.edy exhibiting her skills as a songstress and entrancing the listener with some awe-inspiring vocal stretching and hauntingly stunning lyrics about unrequited love.

Adding to her already strong 2020, r.em.edy appeared across various collaborations throughout the year, with her feature on Ballarat-based artist Inka’s October release ‘Doja Dawn’ the one I found most captivating. r.em.edy’s vocals on the track are soulful and her flow is impeccable and the song, produced by MixedByjd, is a beautiful combination of thoughtful keys and smooth melancholic musings on love by Inka & r.em.edy.

Listening to r.em.edy takes the listener into multiple emotional directions, ranging from frustrated epiphanies to unfettered exuberance; two varying extremes that are intrinsically linked. The honesty in r.em.edy’s music allows the audience to experience a relatability in her struggles. Whilst realisations about ourselves and the world around us are often painful & take time to recover from, the unbridled self-love and self-awareness that results from it is powerful beyond measure. It is this therefore, that r.em.edy provides through her music. If 2021 release ‘Eyes Closed’ is anything to go by, we know this year is going to be huge for the multi-talented and multi-faceted artist that is r.em.edy.

Published March 4th, 2021.

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