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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Moneyboyzforever, C ME, Otiuh & RahimDreamz

Each and every week artists in the Australian scene are delivering releases that will push the music in this country to even greater heights. In our latest ‘Artist Spotlight’ segment, we are highlighting four acts who have actively sought to establish a sound that is unique to their contemporaries. Southside Brisbane based collective Moneyboyzforever have exploded onto the Australian scene with their three dynamic releases so far, whilst Melbourne’s C ME has taken on the ever-growing neo-soul genre in a stylistically inimitable fashion. Further along, Perth duo Otiuh frequently set the bar for laidback experimental hip-hop with unmatched confidence and West Sydney’s RahimDreamz shines with a standout approach to trap in Australia.


Originating from Olympic Village in Heidelberg West, Melbourne, and now based in Southside Brisbane, Moneyboyzforever have taken the Australian scene by storm with their versatile take on trap and drill since arriving onto the scene in 2021. Made up of MBE Fresco, MBE Monty, MBE Trey and 30sidelouie, the collective debuted with ‘Hard Times’, a pain-wrenched, upfront single featuring Brooklyn-based artist RondoSp. Instantly, the song demonstrates Fresco’s capability in delivering emotional, introspective lyrics – “When I needed you close, you weren’t by my side, I lost hope in the dark but I found the light” – and acts as a reflection on the group’s purpose in using their music to push on from the pain of the past in order to move forward towards the heights of the future. Their recent release, ‘Hood Baby’, gives Fresco the chance to take centre stage and deliver one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard in 2022, “Excuse-moi, she wanna fuck with the stars”. With Fresco and 30sidelouie paving the way across their three releases so far, it’s only a matter of time before Monty and Trey jump on tracks and add to the imposing impact the group have already had on the Australian scene.


Naarm-based artist C ME promptly captivated my attention with her uncanny, nonconforming sound that draws inspiration from myriad of influences whilst still existing as its own musical entity. The soundscapes C ME traverses range from neo-soul, to pop, R&B and jazz, each of which are present amongst her three releases so far. Her debut release ‘stay this time’ feels aesthetically stripped back, opting for slower more refrained moments of inner reflection with bouncier repeated adlibs dispersed between to lead into a beautiful, swelling finale. The poppier ‘CRUSH’ is dedicated to the head-in-the-clouds type of love that sweeps you off your feet, whilst May release ‘Chainz’ features C ME tackling her own active obliviousness to the signs which forewarned an impending doom in a relationship. ‘Chainz’ is arguably C ME at the peak of her powers, featuring poetic lyricism and elegant, almost cinematic floating vocals over a brash yet alluring bass and trickling instrumentals. All three releases are worth checking out right away.


Having been releasing music since 2018, unconventional Perth hip-hop duo Otiuh have increasingly left an imprint on us with each and every drop. Made up of Cesare Papa and Jahmeil Baker, the West Coast pairing operate to push boundaries unlike any other act not just in the Perth scene, but within Australia as a whole. With three EPs under their belts already – 2019’s ‘Cold Recreation’, 2020’s ‘La Festa’ and 2021’s ‘The Bandit & The Meditator’ – the pair present a stark contrast to the scene around them in continually delivering a warped, eccentric and psychedelic sound that disregards the trends around them. In particular, ‘The Bandit & The Mediator’ stands out to further represent Otiuh’s musical flexibility, with each song triumphantly bringing together the familiar with the unexpected in order to wholeheartedly embody the artistic creativity of both Cesare and Jahmeil. Going from the moshpit-ready energy of ‘West Coast’ to the funky, dynamic production of ‘Simple’ will leave you in awe of this duo’s incomparable approach.


RahimDreamz exploded onto the Australian scene with the uncontainable energy of his 2020 releases ‘Realer’, ‘Promise’ and ‘Jail Phone’. Set apart by his distinctly brutal flow, punctuating wordplay and fearless delivery, RahimDreamz has established his own lane within the Australian trap music scene. ‘Promise’ allows the young artist to craft a mature trap tune with chest-thumping self-confidence and bravado, reminding listeners of the moves he’s making in spite of the obstacles in his way. In addition, RahimDreamz’s feature alongside Akfrm600 on Blacktown artist Lil Spacely’s track ‘Top Towers’ proved to be a massive moment for the up-and-comer, with the song celebrating the defiant talent of each individual and giving them all a chance to shine. RahimDreamz delivers an emotive performance on the opening verse of the single, speaking out against his doubters and those who believe that he’s switched it up since becoming an artist whilst swearing on his own dedication to reaching the top.

C ME Photos by @a.girlisa.gun, Otiuh Photos by @dylan.guy & Rahimdreamz 1st Photo by @tgn_real

Words by Matthew Badrov

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