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Artist Spotlight - BoomChild

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

BoomChild are a force of nature characterised by a welcome abundance of funky beats and soulful energy. A mesh of soul, funk, hip-hop, R&B, jazz and electronic music, the collective itself extends far and wide across Sydney, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains to include a variety of talented creatives. The BoomChild ensemble itself features six core members; guitarist James Baldwin, producer and keyboardist Finbar Stuart, drummer and producer Blüsh (Ben), bassist Hilder (Riley) and rapper-vocalists Rico and Charbel. Whilst the roles are definable, the music isn’t. Rather, it is clear that the rules simply do not apply to the sonic excellence on show here.

The group’s debut, ‘Every Little Thing’, plays out like a heartfelt inquest from one half of a relationship to the other. The track itself is sonically infectious, and is amplified by the group’s collective finesse and magic touch. Whether it is the subtle bass that lays a perfect platform for Rico and Charbel to express their emotions through a versatile back-and-forth, or the confident cheers of bravado which signal Rico’s emphatic arrival, it is clear that the chemistry between the BoomChild members is unrivalled.

‘Cold Shoulder’, the March 2020 follow-up to ‘Every Little Thing’, features thumping instrumentals through a crescendo of funk and soul with all members performing with aplomb. The brilliant call-and-response internal dialogue of Rico’s opening verse; “Your words, overcomplicate, my words, try to compensate, this feels like I am too late”, lead to some inviting synths that build to a delightfully head-bopping chorus. Rico and Charbel’s delivery is like a juncture between singing and rapping, bringing delight to the ear and affording the listener plenty of room to feel every lyric they utter. The track’s conclusion is the icing on the cake, utilising the melodies of Sydney soul and R&B artists Ms. Thandi, Maina Doe and Rissa to cap off a wonderfully balanced track.

July 2020 release ‘Tight Jeans’ is a sensational listen, amping up self-assurance and bravado to a level that leaves the listener full of vigor. Charbel’s impactful verse pits speedy flows and cutting punchlines together, giving Rico’s raspy, passionate chorus the space to capture the confidence of this track.

The immense sensation of pleasure that one feels from listening to BoomChild’s music stems from the group’s own love and passion for the work they put out. Not only do they endeavour to actively go against the trends of contemporary music – a factor which aids, rather than hinders them – but they bring the enthusiasm that they in turn want listeners to absorb and take into their stride in the day-to-day. And in addition to their three singles thus far, BoomChild can be heard on a fantastic remix of Urthboy’s gorgeous, EDM-infused track ‘The Night Took You’ and on Wollongong artist Angelo The Poet’s March 2020 testament to an intimate love on ‘Breakfast In Bed’.

BoomChild’s sound encompasses everything I love about this new wave of hip-hop. And the sincerity and authenticity behind the work they’re putting out is felt wholeheartedly in the music. To be operating as a collective is powerful, but to be on such an intrinsically linked wavelength is something special indeed. No doubt any future projects will showcase the massive network of artists, producers, musicians and creatives who have been involved in the BoomChild project. No doubt also the music will leave you moving and grooving.

Words by Matthew Badrov

Published June 17th, 2021.

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