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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: 33grey, Saitxero, 1neout & Danny Lanke

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Australia is blessed with an increasingly expanding hip-hop community made up of incredibly talented individuals taking the industry to new heights each day. In this week’s ‘Artist Spotlight’, we’re directing focus on four hip-hop artists and their unique contributions to the Australian rap scene. Perth’s DANNY LANKE’s effortlessly beautiful vocals take on fusions of melodic rap, while 33grey proves he can make high quality music in basically any hip-hop sub-genre. Heading to the East Coast, Central Coast rapper 1neout stands out with his versatile approaches to rap, alongside Sydney artist Saitxero who is pushing the Australian sound into new directions with every release.


Photo by @kickflipskateboard

Perth’s humble 33grey is making a significantly unique contribution to the Australian hip-hop scene with his dynamic sound and rich discography of work. Since his debut single in 2019, he has been delivering immaculate hip-hop music with such versatility it’s difficult to predict the direction 33grey’s next track will take. Looking at two of his songs ‘1 thru 10’ and ‘Money Talk$’ allows for a perfect demonstration of 33grey’s capacity to produce a quality variety of music. ‘1 thru 10’ possesses an admittedly addictive hard rap beat and bass combo laid over a buttery saxophone tune. 33grey breaks out into rap and continues to lyrically deliver throughout the track with his clever bars, “ten seconds / ten words / now she feel the tension”. In comparison, ‘Money Talk$’ commences with slowed and reverbed vocals and production that leads into 33grey singing, “I don’t want to speak / I’d rather let the money talk”. This is quickly stripped away and replaced by an audio clip of a female voice saying, “Your brother’s songs are so freaking classic” before 33grey’s layered vocals are introduced, overflowing with emotion. The gifted WA artist’s work often incorporates samples and audio from different places, creating brilliant collages of sound. From sampling iconic songs including Empire of the Sun’s ‘Walking On A Dream’ (‘julius erving’) to Ice Cube’s ‘You Know How We Do It’ (‘USA, GTA’), 33grey’s artistry is undeniable and alongside his raw lyrical genius, 33grey is a force to be reckoned with.


Photo by @navsrevenge

Arriving with a bold style that is akin to no other, Sydney’s Saitxero is bridging genres with sophistication and finesse. Immediately the young up-and-comer stands out because of his clear identity and grasp of the need to prioritise substance and originality with his releases. Always forthright, and never pulling punches, Saitxero is motivated to prove people wrong with his evident talent. His discography is packed with an energetic balance of emotive and expressive delivery and a penchant for confident and playful hooks – the brazen, unapologetic and in-your-face nature of tracks like ‘DINERO’ and ‘GHOSTS’ proves this wholeheartedly. However, singles like ‘go to sleep, its 4am’ (with Zzz and Iriasona) and ‘NO MORE’ allow for Saitxero to explore a sombre and vulnerable side to his artistry. Furthermore, an impressive display of his talent can be heard on is his 2021 single ‘TENSION’, with the uncanny delivery of the lyrics “I’m thinking shit that they ain’t thought yet / I’m trippin’ thinkin’ shit that they ain’t thinks important” reflecting an internal conflict that is a powerful show of Saitxero’s ability to convey deep emotion in a way that endeavours to sonically push the boundaries.


Photo by @_h_2_j_

Hailing from the Central Coast, rapper and artist 1neout has propelled himself within the Australian hip-hop scene as a result of his dedication, resilience and sheer ability. 1neout’s clear love for hip-hop as a genre and artform shines through on all of his releases, and it’s a testament to his desire to grow as a rapper that he continually goes from strength to strength on each new drop. His fearlessness in opting to release a variety of tracks speaks to his desire to show his versatility, and his willingness to experiment and test the boundaries with his sound can be heard from as early as his collaborative EP ‘Hydrate’ with SALEM THE PRINCE which leant towards alternative trap sonics, to his May single ‘Touch The Water’ which embraced a club rap energy and catchy hook to boot. Moreover, its on tracks such as ‘THINKIN’, ‘Won’t Bring Me Down’ (with Twenny3) and ‘Dead Inside’ (with Luna Oneske) where we see 1neout reminiscing and allowing listeners into his world through his contemplative and deeply thoughtful lyricism. It’s on these tracks where we are exposed to the reality that he uses to music to overcome his inner turmoil and outward struggles, which truly gives a weight to his work that no other can replicate. Of course though, it is always a pleasure to hear him harness the most of his lyrical arsenal and knack for precise wordplay on tracks like ‘RAT TRAP’


WA-based DANNY LANKE is cultivating a repertoire of hip-hop music with his own distinctive twist on the broad genres of rap and R&B. His captivating sound and standout vocal ability are making waves in the Perth music scene, despite his music on public streaming platforms only going as far back as February of this year. DANNY LANKE has emerged with a number of releases in 2022, and since July 29, he has been dropping individual singles from his EP ‘Someone’s Daughter’, with the six tracks providing a glimpse of his massive potential. ‘Hollywood Dreams’ takes the lead as DANNY LANKE’s top song with its light beat, high energy aesthetic, and sleek catchy lyrics. He primarily creates within the expansive melodic rap genre while adding his own splashes of especial sound, however DANNY LANKE’s track ‘Serenity’ displays his refined skills of musicality and versatility. The heartbreaking track is led by a piano played in minor key which flaunts LANKE’s stunning voice and his capacity to create any type of music he wishes to, signifying his excellent skillset within the hip-hop scene.

Words by Livdaangel & Matthew Badrov

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