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Anieszka encourages the listener to embrace their power on new release ‘Choices’

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Sydney Soul and R&B sensation Anieszka has released her 3rd single of the year entitled ‘Choices’. An evocative single that delves into life’s complexities and joys, ‘Choices’ empowers the listener to take on these experiences and to choose to make the most of them. Anieszka has focused this year’s releases on positive and reaffirming messages that listeners can use to navigate through struggles and tough periods in their own lives. February release ‘Presence’ taught us to let go of life’s shackles and to be present in the moment, to enjoy where we are and how far we have become. 2nd single ‘True’ encouraged us be our authentic selves around everyone in our lives, and to reap the benefits of pure joy when we love ourselves for who we are. Ultimately, with all three tracks, Anieszka encourages growth and self-acceptance, therefore providing listeners with a chance to fully realise these feelings and to live for themselves. Life has plans for us that we can never anticipate. It is important to remember that you are in control of your choices and your destiny.

Anieszka has created a wonderful R&B and Soul inspired track that explores the importance of the choices that we make when we are faced with challenging or eye-opening experiences. Her soft vocals in the opening of the track are soothing and comforting to the listener. The listener is reassured that although we can be consumed with a multitude of conflicting scenarios, especially in this current digital age we live in, we are still wholeheartedly in charge of our choices. I especially love the bridge on this song; it is catchy and illustrates a message that we were always taught as little kids: “Cause with the good comes the bad, it’s just a part of how it goes, but you can choose how it flows”. My favourite part of this song is the outro. Anieska slows it all the way down, stretches her vocals to accompany the harmonies well and reaffirms to the listener that: “There’s always a choice”.

The dreamy production from Lui Mateer compliments Anieska’s vocals and embodies the message of the song beautifully. I specifically appreciated his use of piano loops and electric guitar loops to accentuate different segments of the song, starting off with the piano and transitioning to the electric guitar later on in the song. The switch up in the beat for the outro was seamless and provided an intimate connection for the listener to connect with Anieska as she delivers her final message of hope to those who don’t feel empowered, reaffirming that you always have a choice. This is one thing I believe Anieszka does really well. She makes sure that her vision for the song and the outcome is agreed upon and understood well with the producers she works with, as it helps them to understand how to better improve the experience sonically, thus ensuring the optimal listening experience.

Production by Lui Mateer

Words by Maroun Ghossain

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