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ALPY brings cities together with the release of ‘Now You Know’

The Melbourne artist has released a thumping new track alongside Rydah, Lil Spacely and Steez Malase.

In what came as an unexpected but welcome surprise last week, Melbourne artist ALPY released ‘Now You Know’ alongside Western Sydney’s Lil Spacely, Brisbane’s Steez Malase, and past collaborator Rydah, who hails from Melbourne also. The track gives each artist the space to speak on their grind and to display the success they’ve earnt in the faces of all their doubters and ill-speakers. It’s the kind of track that catches you off guard, especially when you’ve got your earphones on full blast like I did.

When you first see the names attached to this track, you instantly know it’s slotting straight into that pure bangers playlist of yours. There is plenty to savour on ‘Now You Know’, with the verses being divided between the foursome, therefore allowing each artist to bring their own flavour to the incessant, speedy drums and subtle beat. Alpy’s mixup of rapping and vocals binds the track together, with his chorus acting as an assured reminder to any doubters that all of these artists are not to be messed with: “Shit be different when we pull up, say our name and then we show up, now you know”. Fundamentally, the strength of this track lies not just in the strong performances delivered by each artist, but in the way each rapper showcases their own distinct flow.

Rydah’s verse is cold and unsparing, and features one of the smoothest flows I’ve heard come out of the scene this year. The Melbourne-based artist delivers bar after bar with composure and ease, demonstrating his knack for showing up on a track and proving himself every time. Western Sydney’s Lil Spacely proceeds with his verse in the only way he knows how to, by hitting listeners with his distinct laidback delivery and playful wordplay that touches on the importance of remaining tight with those he trusts most.

Finally, Steez Malase signals his arrival with a verse that builds on the confidence displayed by each artist on the track, breaking down the love he has for his hometown city of Brisbane and the non-stop work he’s put into getting to this point: “Ask around the city I’m the local genius, multiple nights I had, multiple dreams of this”. For Steez, he’s right where he’s meant to be and no one’s getting in his way. It’s undoubtedly the kind of self-assuredness we can get behind.

Alpy Photo by @jimmysprojects

Rydah Photo by @hosungjo

Production by Lucas Depetti

Words by Matthew Badrov

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