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Allusaine Vuitton is letting the world know who AV is on latest single

For those looking to listen to an individual whose music is naturally shaking up the Australian scene, look no further than Allusaine Vuitton. Having released his debut track ‘Next Level’ late last year in November, the Sydneysider showcases his versatility on his latest release ‘TIME THAT THEY KNOW AV’ by absolutely demolishing a drill beat. The new release gives Allusaine the opportunity to let his doubters know that he’s going to pushing the scene outside of its comfort zone with zero regards for whose cages he rattles. One thing’s for sure, AV is definitely one for you to keep an eye on as 2022 progresses.

It's always powerful to see an artist unapologetically being themselves through their music, and Allusaine Vuitton conveys that in abundance through ‘TIME THAT THEY KNOW AV’. The latest release from the multifaceted Sydney artist sees him leading a full-on verbal offensive against his doubters, haters and gatekeepers. AV allows himself to strut with confidence on this track, developing an impenetrable exterior through his words that actively seeks to show his defiance in sticking to his journey. For Allusaine, he’s put in work to get to this point and isn’t changing how he’s doing things for anyone, “To me nah they ain’t giving no handouts, got this shit up on my own two feet, they all begging man stand down”.

Raw in sound yet polished in delivery, wordplay and flow, ‘TIME THAT THEY KNOW AV’ is strengthened by how seamlessly Allusaine Vuitton takes on the hefty and ominous drill beat constructed by producer b.uzz. The facet that separates AV from the surrounding hip-hop scene is his natural capacity for switching up his flow, a notion which is proven by AV having brought a completely unique rap energy to his first release ‘Next Level’ when compared to this latest single. It’s a direction that Allusaine is undeniably taking with all of his music, as he seeks to set himself apart from the rest of the scene through his penchant for displaying in-depth lyricism and emphatic punchlines side-by-side in an adjustable fashion.

Photo 1 by @rahim.bkar & Photo 2 by @directorplatt

Video shot & directed by @directorplatt

Words by Matthew Badrov

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