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A.GIRL & Jaecy come together for a fearless drill track entitled ‘We Them Boyz’

Western Sydney icons A.GIRL and Jaecy have linked up to create an unforgettable track titled ‘We Them Boyz’. The renowned artists have teamed up to completely kill this beat, fusing non-violent lyricism with the traditional Aussie drill sound. From A.GIRL, we are used to hearing neo-soul and R&B melodies but this tune showcases both her musical capability and versatility.

“It's super important for me to be versatile because I want to spread the message that A.GIRL cannot be confined to one box, one type of sound. I am forever expanding and forever changing, and to be true to myself and my music is to be true to myself in real life,” A.GIRL says.

The track's energy is hyper and electricfrom the intense drill bass and the production by beatswithsheph and mix by i.amsolo (who has previously worked with drill sensations like ONEFOUR)flawlessly captures the bombastic sound of Australian drill we have come to know and love.

Sydney's most recent lockdown saw numerous artists admitting to struggling to produce music due to a lack of creativity and inspiration. However, ‘We Them Boyz’ spawned during this time and whilst lockdown did “fuck with [her] heavy”, A.GIRL managed to push through, and gain a sense of wisdom and self-confidence.

“Recently, I have felt myself coming into my own, speaking without fear. I speak cautiously, I think before I talk, I now take things into consideration - so there’s no need for me to feel fear now because I think about my shit, like everybody should haha…. but not everybody does,” A.GIRL explains.

“‘We Them Boyz’ was still a scary thing for me to put out into the world because I knew people would see me in this light and it’s a different side to me, that’s the only thing I was scared of.”

Despite A.GIRL’s hesitancy to release ‘We Them Boyz’, the song undeniably speaks to her fearlessness as an artist. Stepping out of her comfort zone and into a male-dominated genre with such a strong message only leaves room for audience respect.

“I feel like the title ‘We Them Boyz’ means a whole lot of different things to me. But mainly, I wanted to show that it can be a universal phrase, not just for the boys. For it to be on a drill- type track, which is very male-dominated, it’s a bit of a cheeky sort of ting. I know lots of girls that use the same lingo. I wanted it to feel more inclusive, not gender-specific”

Throughout the track both A.GIRL and Jaecy diverge from the graphically violent lyrics typical to the genre and towards speaking of their West-Sydney pride. The west is widely perceived as a violent area whether it’s through music or real live events, and the track signifies that just because you’re from those areas doesn’t mean you need to adopt the lifestyle.

“Bro, Granville, like many other areas, is the staple centre of what goes down in Western Sydney! This is what we are able to write about and represent because we are from these waves. Granville has taught me a lot about street life, street code, whether I’m in that type of life or not, or whether I try to disassociate myself from that type of violent lifestyle it’s happening right outside my window, it’s happening right outside my door. It’s something you can’t avoid when living in these areas.”

"New shit got em bumping on my way, drill shit but i’m not no driller aye"

A.GIRL’s creative intellect has always shined throughout her previous drops. And while her vocal ability can easily create an immaculate hit, she takes a lot of inspiration from her younger brother and sister who helped her to write and produce ‘We Them Boyz’.

“I’m making music for when they get older, for their friends, for the next generation. Why not make music that will leave an impression on that next generation, to start something better, to do better, fix things and look at things with a different perspective. Having them there in the studio space reminds me that my music will touch younger people. So I always need to step up for them and make the message better, you feel me?

“Besides that, my lil bro and sister are just two very wholesome, dope little beings.”

This momentous track is indicative of the transformative talent burgeoning in Sydney’s west, each of whom have their own story to tell and message to proclaim. In a genre populated by masculine bravado, A.GIRL has signalled her intent to remain authentic and to pursue creative independence.

Production by @beatswithsheph

Mixed by @i.amsolo

Photos by @kumehanik

Words by Violet Murphy

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