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We have carefully curated a range of playlists that feature some of the best up and coming Australian Hip-Hop, R&B and New Wave Talent



A playlist featuring Australian Hip-Hop bangers that are currently making WAEVZ across Australia and in no time, across the globe.

Summer Waevz


The days are getting warmer and longer. So Let's settle in and make some memories. It's all local and It's all good. 

Heartbreak Anniversary

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A Playlist featuring Australian Hip-Hop and R&B melancholic tunes crafted to suit your heartbreak aches. 

The Classics

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This is our celebration of all things classic Australian hip-hop. From the Hoods to Kerser, these are the biggest and the best mixed in with some hidden gems from the past; all adding up to take you on a wonderfully reminiscent trip way down memory lane. 



 This is the perfect collection of Australian Hip-Hop tracks that will motivate you to push 10x harder at your next workout. If your pumping the weights, shadow boxing or going for a run, this is for you. 


Do you think your song will fit well within any of the following playlists? Please feel free to send us your song for consideration to 

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