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Our aim is to showcase Australian Hip-Hop artists to the world. The Australian music scene is growing at an unstoppable rate and we are seeing a variety of talented up and coming artists collaborating with exciting producers to make incredible and unique music. For these musicians, the music is everything. We want to support and work closely with these electrifying talents to put the Australian Hip-Hop scene on the map and make waevz around the world.


Putting Australian Hip-Hop, R&B and New Wave on the map


For all enquiries, please Email us at: 


For all editorial enquiries, please feel free to send us an Email with your music promo and press releases.


*Disclaimer: We take the time to listen to all enquiries we receive. However, our desire to ensure that everyone is given an equal opportunity means that we are unable to assure that all submissions will receive coverage as our team of writers choose what they want to review at their discretion.


For access to our Media Kit and Rate Card, please feel free to Email us with any advertising enquiries.


We are always on the lookout for opportunities to team up with like-minded organisations who are looking to support our vision. If you are interested in partnership opportunities, please feel free to Email us.

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